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About Susan Herrera

I am an expert at helping women find their inner courage to rebuild a life they love after divorce. As Founder of “Unleash Your Inner Courage”, I use a supportive and compassionate approach to partner with women to help them find the strength to move from pain to possibilities and start living a life they truly love after experiencing the life-altering event of divorce. I experienced the devastating end of my own marriage 11 years ago and understand how it feels to have to start over again. I found the courage to rebuild my new life into one I once thought would never be possible, including traveling the world and, most importantly, choosing to become a mom.

Through my powerful 7 -Step Inner Courage Journey, I share my own expertise and experience, plus the same powerful tools and strategies I used to recover from the pain of my own divorce, find happiness again and build a life I truly love filled with endless possibilities!

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Facilitator of the life-changing Inner Courage process.

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