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About Susan Franklin

I am a Psychologist (Licensed Clinical Psych in WA State), Wellness Coach, Intuitive Reiki Master, Writer, and Teacher. My work is different than most other psychologists. I am a bridge. I bridge traditional psychology practice and holistic methods rooted in ancient healing practices. Not your typical psychologist, my practice is grounded in a client-centered approach to mind~ body~ spirit healing and well-being. I help clients rediscover their authentic power and self-healing through my integration of engaged conversation, intuitive skills, and energy work.

In the process of our work together, I ask you to bring mindfulness and compassion to your moment-to-moment experience, which means acknowledging the truth of it.  This process expands your capacity to be present even with discomfort.  I encourage you to "show up" for your life by being present to your deepest felt sense, clarifying issues, values, developing insight, compassion, working with your subtle energy systems, and implementing skillful action.  I believe being fully human is a challenging, lifetime commitment and that there are many paths to its achievement.

My mission is to help clients come to know themselves more clearly, honestly, deeply, and lovingly. It is to help you develop the consciousness to have the meaningful life, work, and relationships you desire.

I'm an Intuitive Reiki Master and have studied and use EFT (emotional freedom technique often known as tapping) as well as skills and knowledge drawn from training in Eden Energy Medicine. I completed a 2 ½ year mentorship with Marie Manuchehri RN to develop my unique integration of energy work and psychological work.

More people are discovering that energy healing techniques are not the scary woo-woo things they thought. Many people, including myself, experience energy work as a very deep way of shifting and healing. I also find that the energy work is a powerful adjunct to traditional talk therapy, consultation, or coaching.

There is an entire field of study called Energy Psychology which is recognized by the American Psychological Association as a field of study and practice for licensed psychologists in the US. Major medical centers like the University Of Washington Medical Center now offer Reiki as a complementary therapy for patients, staff, and their families. Children’s’ Hospital in Cincinnati has a whole department dedicated to complementary healing including energy techniques. There are many other mainstream health institutions that are integrating energy healing techniques into more holistic approaches to wellness. I'm very excited about this.

My work tends to focus on Self-Love as the needed core healing. Ultimately, all healing is self-healing. I believe self-love is the foundation of that healing. Self-Love becomes the catalyst in the alchemy of suffering into love, peace, and higher consciousness. Self-Love then becomes the context through which we can love others and offer unconditional love and acceptance in the world.

I also tend to work with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths. These very sensitive beings have much potential for brilliant lives. To realize that potential, however, they often need to do some core-healing and develop uncompromising self-care skills.

I understand all of what I have mentioned to be a spiritual practice of coming into alignment with your highest self and your purpose in this life. 

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