This Compatibility Test Reveals The Personality Traits You Need & Crave Most In A Soulmate

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This Relationship & Love Compatibility Test Shows Which Left Vs. Right Brain Personality Traits To Look For In A Soulmate

When you're looking for your soulmate, do you know what personality traits you should seek out? Dating is fun and new and exciting, but when you're thinking about long-term commitments, there are some key, positive attributes and characteristics each individual person needs in a partner in order to have lasting compatibility with a spouse.

That's where love and relationship compatibility tests come into play.

By determining if you're left brain or right brain dominant, you can actually get a good idea of what to look for in a soulmate and predict how well the two of you will get along years down the road!

Personality types and character traits aren't always so obvious to spot, but when you are engaged in the dating process, you're seeking your perfect life partner, and whether you realize it or not, have already developed a list of positive character traits and good qualities you're seeking in a person. You know what kind of behavior you're willing to put up with, and what types of negative personality traits or personal characteristics are deal breakers for you.

After all, you're seeking your perfect life partner.

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You are more than ready to meet your ideal man or woman, the one you've dreamed of for too long. You might even have been raised on Snow White and Cinderella stories and have waited and waited for the someday when your prince or princess will come.

Do either of these scenarios sound like you and it's driving you crazy?

If you are a man who is available and single, and if you have already done the work on yourself, then there is one key error that may be holding you back. Can you identify a woman who is truly marriage material for you? Do you have a list of character traits you'd like to see in your perfect mate?

If you are a woman who has her act together, you’ve noticed that you have more to offer than most of the men you have met. However, there are some great guys out there so go find them!

Have you heard of the old adage, "There are more tears shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones"? Many kind, loving, and caring men and women find this to be true.

As a man, you've probably dated beautiful women who turned out to be moody or worse. As a loving and compassionate woman, you may have yet to find a kind, compassionate monogamous man you desire.

So what is the solution?

Depending on who you are and how you think, you can find four potential solutions to this problem based on the Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), a "psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information."

This tool determines what personality traits you should actually be looking for based on your own brain hemisphere dominance. By determining where you fall on the left brain vs. right brain scale, you can figure out what characteristics would make your ideal life partner.

Based on this relationship and love compatibility test, here are 4 ways to know which left brain or right brain personality traits you should look for in a soulmate:

Quadrant A

Your upper left brain is most active. Data, dollars, facts, and figures are you. If your personal traits, you are very smart, very ambitious, and goal-oriented, you may feel sick and tired of potential partners who are looking for a meal ticket and don’t have much to offer you. You like to see someone with these same type of positive qualities when you think about a potential life partner.

If you are a man, you probably want someone who is appropriately beautiful and sexy and who is appreciative and supportive for your dream of a traditional/old fashioned marriage. You probably see yourself working outside the home and bringing most or all of the money to the family and she will create a lovely family and home for you.

If you are a woman, then due to social expectations, you will be looking for a partner who has a career and yet who can take care of things that you don’t have the time to address.

Your pitfall is that the kind, cooperative person you date may have other plans for your money and many have many dreams that they want you to fund. Your easiest match is with a person who is very smart and has numerous skills — one of which should be massive empathy for you and self-empathy to calm themselves.

Quadrant B

Your lower left brain is most active. Safety, planning, and order are you. If you are all about "standing shoulder to shoulder" and working together to plan the future for your family, note that everyone doesn't think this way.

In order to find good personality type compatibility, beware the many potential partners who want you to do the heavy lifting and in fact all the lifting. Watch how much of a worker someone is if you don’t want a disaster. The biggest danger for you is that addiction is a key danger with people who are not "B" enough because safety thinking prevents addictive behaviors.

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The best solution for you is to see if you can fall in love with another Quadrant B person who is equally steady, consistent, and responsible. Although that won’t meet your needs for extreme passion, they have a good compatibility factor with you and positive personality traits that fall well in line with your own.

There are also people who are great combinations of B and C, so they will still have enough left brain characteristics that they'll work well with you.

Quadrant C

The lower right brain is most active. Romance, passion, emotions, and companionship are you. If you are loving and passionate and are seeking a very passionate partner, then you must be very cautious about the mood swings and the lack of monogamy that are common for "C" people.

So you’ll need to be brilliant at empathy to keep your partner calm and bring them back to calmness — disagreements are almost always the first step to infidelity.

You will find yourself tempted by a series of "honeymoons" that satisfy your romantic and passionate nature. While C people have many good character traits and may make you feel like they're your soulmates, this type of relationship will not likely lead to a life that supports children.

Quadrant D

Your upper right brain is active. Nature, peace, meditation, and maybe yoga and art are you. If you want peace and freedom more than anything, then it’s difficult for you to stay in a committed lifelong relationship with anyone because, let’s face it, being with someone night after night is challenging.

So you need someone who is as peaceful as humanly possible. You'll want to learn self-empathy and empathy to prevent and resolve any tension within minutes so that a relationship is worth staying in for you. Otherwise, you will be great at many things in life — like serial monogamy or no monogamy.

If you intend to have a lifelong partnership then select someone from Quadrant B because they make the most steady consistent partners.

So, please, be careful and see what’s lurking under the surface before you fall in love.

There are many different personality types, and whether you're left brain or right brain dominant, there is someone out there who's a good match for you and your personality type. By using your knowledge of right hemisphere and left hemisphere knowledge, you'll be able to know exactly what kind of traits you want in a potential marriage.

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