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Laguna Beach CA 92652 - United States


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I see it when I believe it.

About Stacy Ison

Stacy Ison is a life coach, speaker, and author. Stacy spent 16 years as an attorney, practicing corporate and intellectual property law, with bouts of journalism as an investigative reporter, legal editor, and contributing author to John Wiley & Sons’ bestselling The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses.

Stacy is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, who helps women transform from feeling uninspired, unclear, unattractive, or powerless to vibrant, powerful beings with purpose. Sometimes you’ve done or have all the “right things,” but your heart knows there’s something more.

As a guide and life coach here to assist you in transforming your life, Stacy's home base is beautiful Laguna Beach, in Southern California, and she connects with her international clients from anywhere. 

If you’ve done the seminars, and read the personal development books, you might have been told what to do. But, Stacy's coaching style is to let you create your own life. Stacy Ison is a transformational guide, but your inner, invisible muse knows what to do and can create your reality that is best aligned with what you know deep inside to be true for you.

Stacy knows Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction, and once you practice with them and allow them in, it is law that you obtain your desires and live a life of joy instead of in comfortable pain.

To learn more about Stacy Ison and to connect with her, visit Invisible Muse.

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