Why Having A Twin Flame Leads To A More Fulfilling Relationship (And 5 Ways To Find Yours)

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Soulmates Are Out, Twin Flames Are In! Find Yours In 5 Steps

What is a twin flame? When I met my twin flame, Mike, for the first time, a special connection was made that was different from the others. It had a kind of depth that was unusual for a first meeting.

I’ve had instant connections with men before, and one led to an intimate relationship with a soulmate named Peter, whom I traveled to England to visit and be with on several occasions. We had an incredible romance, and I was crushed when that relationship ended. 

As time passed, it had become obvious that Peter was not emotionally available to be in a committed relationship with me, even though he had indicated otherwise. Everyone has experienced heartbreaks and that was a big one for me and for him.

What is the difference between a twin flame vs. soulmate?

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A soulmate is someone you have known before this incarnation, and you may find you have a wonderful and instant connection with that person. You likely have friends and lovers who are soulmates.

A twin flame relationship with a significant other, however, is said to be eternal. There is often more of a spiritual connection (not necessarily religious) and an innate desire to support each other unconditionally in all aspects of your life. It is the most amazing relationship one can imagine.

When my husband and I said our wedding vows, we vowed to be together forever and ever, beyond "death do us part." Those thoughts came through us from a place of higher knowing.

On a conscious level, we did not know the term "twin flame" at that time, yet we had this unusual desire to be together for the remainder of our evolution.

We had only known each other a year when we got married. Yet on our honeymoon, another couple told us they thought we had to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. That is because it seemed like we had known each other forever. It appeared that way to them and felt that way to us as well.

It's likely you also set the intention at some point in your evolution to have this kind of relationship with your twin flame. Perhaps you’ve had a number of unhealthy relationships and heartbreaks, and are wondering if it’s possible. Join the club.

Maybe you’ve given up on thinking the man of your dreams is out there or that you deserve or are capable of having a great, healthy relationship with a partner. Or, maybe, you are in a place of readiness.

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Prior to meeting my forever husband, I had many unhealthy relationships, one of which was emotionally abusive, one was with a habitual liar, many were with men who were "asleep" and not open to doing their own personal or spiritual development, and some relationships were just for physical reasons.

After divorcing my ex-husband who was an alcoholic, I thought that if I ever got married again, I would live next door to my husband and in a separate house. That’s where my mindset was.

Now that I'm married to my twin flame, I don’t like going to sleep without him next to me. We also have an amazingly healthy relationship.

We talk about most everything, support each other in our dreams unconditionally, gave up fixing each other for Lent, and are best friends.

So how do you go from having unhealthy relationships to having an amazing loving, committed relationship with your twin flame? Here are some suggestions in attracting and creating an amazing, loving relationship that you can apply to your own life:

  1. Get to the core of what is really important in a relationship and in a partner. (This is not a list of 10 to 100 ideal characteristics.)
  2. Intend to attract "the one" who is a vibrational match to you on all levels.
  3. Come from love rather than fear.
  4. Seek first to understand and then to be understood.
  5. Allow yourself to receive love and support on all levels.

The above are some of the things I learned over time. But these are skills you can learn as well.

My husband and I met when I was 40 and have now been married over 16 years. Our love grows stronger all the time. If I can create a healthy, loving relationship after all the unhealthy relationships, you can too.

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Stacey Mayo is a Master Coach, a high-level intuitive, and an award-winning author.