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Author, Career Coach, Consultant, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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If Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories (LIES) stand between you, clarity and lasting happiness, I can help you find your true self.

About Teressa Moore Griffin

• Can’t shake the feeling that you’re meant to be doing something different with your life? 
• Are you spending day after day making everyone else happy – sacrificing the things that would bring you joy? 
• Are you living up to other’s expectations while secretly yearning for something you’ve loved since you were a child?
• Are you dutifully following the path set for you by others rather than walking your own unique path? 

You’re not alone… 
We all have well-intentioned people in our lives who’ve convinced us to take the safer route rather than risk failure doing what we’re called to do.  Many of us are in jobs that make us miserable or relationships that leave us wanting. We sell ourselves short when it comes to pursuing our dreams and make excuses when confronted with opportunities that take us out of our comfort zone.  Meanwhile, we’re miserable and can’t put our finger on why. 

I’ve spent my career helping people uncover their unique truths, freeing them to achieve their goals with passion, purpose and energy.  As a self-awareness and personal growth expert, I work with people to peel away the Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories (LIES) that stand between them and their ideal life.  

At the heart of my personal coaching work is the belief that self-awareness is foundation for happiness and sustained success.  My company Spirit of Purpose™, LLC was started to help people live better now.  My book, LIES That Limit: Uncover the Truth Of Who You Really Are is the perfect way to understand and tackle the life-long influences that are subconsciously holding you back. 

We all have LIES that keep us from daring to dream, that stop us from pursuing our passion and being our authentic, powerful self.  Call me today to start to LIVE BETTER NOW.

For more about me, visit Spiritofpurpose.com.

Teressa Moore Griffin Success Stories

Teressa's Coaching Got Me Promoted


"Teressa Moore Griffin is a phenomenal executive coach and a consummate professional, who I have the priviledge of working with - off and on - for the past several years.  As a recently promoted vice president and international division head of a mid-tier management consulting firm, I first hired Teressa to help ensure - and accelerate - successful transition from my previous managerial role to this critical leadership position of a newly created business unit - and the company's main growth engine for the foreseeable future.more

My coaching sessions with Teressa always provided new insight into the most pressing strategic, organizational and people issues that were preventing me from achieving this new unit's mission - as well as potential actions to overcome them.

Teressa is extremely skillful at asking great questions that demand an honest assessment and critical thinking of the multiple dimensions of an issue.  I strongly believe my conversations with Teressa enabled my success and played a pivotal role in my eventual promotion to the company's chief of staff and chief strategy officer reporting to the CEO." 

~Rondo Moses, Managing Partner, Stratex Management Consulting

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