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As Social Media Relationship Specialists, we focus on techlationships -- helping people strike the balance between technology and relationships!  Our passion is to help couples and families survive and thrive with social media...and keep their relationships intact. We are not professional counselors or marriage therapists. We're a real married couple who use Facebook and social media a lot. Through our own trial-and-error, we've learned how to protect our marriage, enhance our relationship, connect more with our kids and even use Facebook to grow as a couple. The insights and tips we've learned are what we pass on in our articles, our book (Facebook and Your Marriage), website (SocialMediaCouple.com) and blog (Techlationships.com).

About K Jason and Kelli Krafsky

MORE ABOUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA COUPLE: K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky specialize on techlationships (tech-la-tion-ships) -- striking the balance between technology and relationships. Their passion is to help couples, parents, teens and singles set guard rails for their relationships and use common sense in this social media age.

They are authors of the FIRST BOOK EVER dealing with Facebook's impact on marriages and what couples can do about it (Facebook and Your Marriage). The Krafskys have written extensively on the topic including their most popular articles, “How Facebook Can Improve Your Marriage” and “Is Facebook a Cyber-Threat to Your Marriage?”

Jason and Kelli speak at military bases, churches, college campuses and community groups on how social media and technology impacts relationships for couples, parents, teens, grandparents and singles. Speaking topics include "How to Have a Facebook Affair with Your Spouse," "How to Be Your Kids Facebook Friend and Parent Too," and "Social Media and Your Relationships."

The Krafskys also speak at conferences and workshops training counselors, clergy and marriage educators on how social media affects relationships, as well as social media marketing strategies. 

Jason and Kelli are regularly featured on TV, radio and podcast shows and quoted in newspaper, magazine and blog articles, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Post, The Washington Times, Phildelphia Inquirer, Martha Stewart Living Radio, CNN.com, The Huffington Post, The Mike Huckabee Show and more. They have also contributed to The New York Times.

Visit SocialMediaCouple.com for more information about their book, their writings or to submit a speaking request. Their NEW blog (techlationships.com) is filled with great info and articles to help you strike a balance between your relationships and technology. Check them out on Facebook (SocialMediaCouple Page) and Twitter (@techlationships) too!

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