What Single Women Look For In A Man

What do single women really want? This will help!


Men have spent years wondering around the planet trying to figure out what their ideal single woman to date is. But what do single women need from a man? Is it someone to put up the shelves? Someone to be protective of them? Someone to trust?

Times have changed a lot in the last 50 years or so. Men used to be seen as the alpha in any relationship but actually that simply isn’t true now. The Cave Man mentality has had to take a back seat and it’s a good thing. But that doesn’t mean single woman don’t still want someone to protect them or put up their shelves. In fact I am sure there are hundreds of shelves waiting to be put up right this minute.


Trust has to be the most important one. If you can’t have faith and trust in a man you are pretty much on the back foot right away. Trust does not happen overnight, it is something that is earned everyday throughout a relationship. You both have to work on it to have complete trust. All women want that connection.

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Do single ladies want someone to protect them? Do single men want someone to protect them also? It’s a bit of a tough one, but the truth is inside us all we have a feeling that we want to be protected. After we trust someone we allow them to protect us, it happens automatically. Do your best to not let each other down and you’ll do ok in your relationship. Don’t worry if things go wrong, life is life, just tackle the issues together.


Putting the shelves up also helps – for both of you – making sure that you both share the practical needs of a romantic life means doing the dishes, washing and whacking up some shelves know and again. The occasional trip to IKEA is also required.

So that’s a brief summary of what any single woman to date are looking for…Think we’ve missed any key points – swing by and leav us some comments