Sex Toy Etiquette: Recycle Or Reuse In New Relationships

Sex Toy Etiquette: Recycle or Reuse in New Relationships

Sex toys are fun additions to any couples bedroom repertoire but when your playthings outlast your relationship should you save them for your next partner?

Look, I’m all for reduce and reuse but I draw the line with sex trinkets. Once upon a time a man I was dating lent me his coat and when I slipped my hands into the pockets I was astonished by my fingers discovery; a silicon dildo! Now, I’m not emotional scarred from the experience but was relieved that the sex toy’s debut was in the light of day rather than in the shadowy throws of passion. It’s not that I liked to think of my man as a virgin or that his little friend was stained with previous relationship mojo; it was just, well, gross. Had it been washed? How clean was it? After laughing out loud I immediately washed my hands of the situation. I knew right then and there that although I am all for going green; reusing sex toys was taking recycling to a place about a thousand miles south of my comfort zone. Half empty bottle of lubricant? No problem. Hand cuffs? Bring it on. Vibrator, dildo or personal massager? No thanks.

Think about it…would you buy a used cock ring on eBay? Why not? It vibrates, is like new and a steal at $10 and free shipping. Did I mention batteries are included? Sex toys for me are strictly a fresh out of the box or BYOT affair.

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