Passing Gas In Front Of Your Partner? NEVER!

Passing Gas In Front of Your Partner? NEVER!

I recently watched a video called, “Breaking the Barrier”, which examines at which point in a relationship it becomes ok to fart in front of your lover. Although, obviously intended to be humorous, it got me thinking about how couples degenerate from being polite and trying to impress each other when they first begin dating, to taking each other for granted and treating each other disrespectfully. This disrespect, commonly manifested as the belief that it’s ok to fart in front of your lover, could be one of the reasons why our divorce rates are so high in the U.S.  These thoughts prompted me to write a blog post called, “Keeping the Romance Alive: It’s Not Ok to Fart in Front of Your Lover” on Dating Disasters and Delights. I know many people think that it’s actually a sign of relationship success that you have reached the point where you feel it’s ok to fart in front of your lover, but, I think that this level of comfort is quite dangerous and may precipitate an eventual break-up.

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