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25 years +


Buenos Aires B 1426 - Argentina



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Personal Development Coach, Psychologist, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Intuition is a sacred gift, far more reliable and powerful in life as a whole than our overrated intellectual mind.

About Silvia Horvath

I’m a licensed psychologist, with a degree in Psychology (1985) from the John F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born. After graduating I was accepted at one of the main public mental health centers in the city, renown for their high quality professionals and their ongoing staff training program.

Meanwhile the overall situation in Argentina (mid eighties) was growing increasingly worse and my then husband and I decided to try our luck in Barcelona, Spain.

It was there that I joined SEPA, the Spanish Society of Analytical Psychology, completed my training to become a Jungian analyst and became a member of IAAP, the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

I returned to Argentina in 2008 and built my private therapy practice, working with adults and couples.

The dominant highlight in my work as a Jungian analyst is the Wounded Healer archetype. It is the best and clearest image of what working with fellow human beings means to me. It is on the solid basis of the personal growth which results from working  on our own personal suffering, that I can truly empathize with those coming to me, needing acceptance, asking for containment, advice and help.

Even as a small child I was fascinated watching interaction between human beings, wanting to understand how relationships work. I was full of questions, craving answers. I wanted to find reasons and explanations for human behaviors, feelings, emotions, reactions and attitudes.

I truly believe that the main reason for our being here is to individually add to the growth and development of conscious awareness in ourselves as a species.

We need to go deeper to work ourselves out of the conflicts that may be making our lives difficult. Here is where the help of a therapist shows its value as a “mirror”, as an empathic listener, as a well-intentioned counselor. The mirror reflects our contradictions and ambivalence, especially with emotional issues. Becoming aware of them and accepting them as part of who we are, is the first step in overcoming them, of not being swept away by them and losing control of our lives.

Each human being is unique.  Discovering the purpose and meaning of our individual lives often implies discovering what it is that makes us unique. Bearing in mind this uniqueness is the main issue at stake when seeing somebody for the first time, Jungian analysts, in general, believe there are no fixed methods or techniques and therapies are tailored to individual needs. Having solid understanding of mythology and archetypes (e.g., Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, “Goddesses in Every Woman”) and a vital sense of humor are priceless tools in the therapeutic setting.

The most important thing for a therapist to convey is a natural easy going acceptance, no judgmental attitudes or reactions, just trying to listen and acknowledge what has brought this individual to therapy.  Frequently issues commonly addressed in therapy are about relationships - be it with a partner, family members, friends, coworkers, AND the most important of them all, with the self.

In my practice we explore questions like - What is going on inside? What is the purpose of my life? What are my goals? What do I like about me, what don’t I like and why? Who is my true, authentic self? What do I enjoy in life? What makes me blissful? What brings me joy, fun, excitement, energy? What do I love doing? Who do I want to be? Who am I becoming?

I hope this gives you some insight into who I am.

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