Attracting Love Through Self-Reflection

Seeing your relationships as energy is the fastest way to release a lifetime of negative patterns


How many times have you felt blamed by your partner for something that you felt really had nothing to do with you?  And how many times have you responded with anger toward the person who triggered you emotionally?

While this is normal human behavior, it leads to a loss of trust and intimacy that, over time leads to couples growing apart as they build "protective shields" around their hearts to block the pain of personal attack.  There's only so many of these kinds of incidents a person can take before they start to emotionally leave the relationship.


What if there were a way to lessen the pain should this happen again, and even reduce and eventually eliminate this kind of occurrence in your relationship?  Well there is, and it starts by understanding your relationship from the perspective of energy.

If we view ourselves and our relationships from this perspective, we will first acknowledge that everyone and everything is energy.  In fact, everything in the known Universe exists somewhere along the electro-magnetic spectrum as light of some frequency.  One way to think about this is to imagine a human being standing under a huge electron microscope.  As the magnification is increases we see more and more deeply into that person, eventually down to the molecular level.  Continue further and you will eventually no longer see particles, just the shimmer of pure energy.


As beings of energy, we process various different kinds of energy, including emotional energy, with positive emotions being positively charged and negative emotions being negatively charged.  Because of their energetic intensity, our emotions attract experiences that match the frequencies of the memories they're associated with.

When we realize this, we can see that what we experience within our relationships is actually attracted to us by something within our own energy, usually from a memory of some early lifetime experience.  So our negative relationship patterns are just reflecting the energy of our memories.  Release the negatively charge from those causal memories and the patterns dissolves never to again attract those relationship patterns.

When we accept this reality, we are then empowered to change any relationship pattern that we don't enjoy into something that's loving and nurturing.  It just takes viewing relationships from a different perspective, the perspective of energy.

Never again will you feel trapped in a relationship with the "bad habits" of your partner that trigger you so much.  In truth, they are just reflecting our own emotional history, and now there's a way to transmute our negatively charged memories back into our natural positively charged energy of love.


Love yourself enough to take responsibility for the results you're attracting, and invest your time (or money if you want faster results) in exploring the roots of your emotional triggers.  And've accumulated these triggers over a lifetime, so it will take a while to release all your negative relationship patterns. 

But what's your alternative...more of the same?

Explore energy based methods of healing your relationships today, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will start seeing positive changes in your intimate and other important relationships.