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Seductive Clothing: A Symptom Of Sex Addiction?

At this time of year it seems people, both men and women, opt for the most glamorous of clothing as they attend the various office parties and social functions of the winter holiday season.

New Years Eve tops it off, particularly for women, and wearing something eye catching is definitely the look everyone is striving for. But, for some women, the desire to look sexy all the time isn't just a product of the season; it is an addiction that is ruining their lives.

While not all women that have a sex addition will develop the urge or impulse to constantly dress and act seductively, it is a major part of the addiction for many. Often these behaviors will escalate in nature until the provocative dress and behavior goes from just being sexy and flirtatious to the need to engage in public exhibitionism and/or public sex acts.

Knowing when sexy is appropriate and when it is not is a big part of understanding if your friend, partner or perhaps even yourself may be  leaning towards the beginnings of a sex addiction. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look sexy and to even choose clothing to enhance your physical appearance and make yourself attractive.

However, when you choose clothing based on this factor alone for all types of events and even daily wear, this is a good indicator there may be a sex addiction developing.

Some key factors to look for in a person's clothing choices that may indicate a sex addiction include:

1. Dressing inappropriately for the given event. This could include always choosing tight, low cut or revealing clothing for daily wear at the office, to go shopping or whenever in or out of the house. Keep reading ... 

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