3 Tips To Become A Sensual Woman ( EXPERT)

Delight in the pleasures of embarking on a sensual journey within.


A sensual woman embodies femininity in all its magnificence and is absolutely mesmerizing to those around her. She possesses a certain sparkling quality that radiates from the inside out.

Sensuality starts with a heightened awareness to pleasure. Not just the kind of pleasure found in the bedroom, (although important ;) -- it’s also seeking to find enjoyment in all things. Thus sensual women have more sex, experience more pleasure in life, and feel at peace with who they are.


Sounds good, right?!

It is good. In fact, it’s better than good - it’s blissful!

Studies have shown that women who are exceptionally sensual live for the moment and are not stuck in the past or pre-occupied with the future. They take pleasure in life moment by moment delighting in the fullness of each experience.

Sensuality at its core is enjoyment; enjoyment of experiences, people, intimacy, and most importantly enjoyment of self. 

If you’re ready to get in on the action and access your sensuality, read on to discover the 3 secrets to being a sensual woman.

1. Joyful Alignment
To experience sensuality is to truly connect with your joy and pleasure. A sensual woman knows how to really enjoy herself and will play full out! Find opportunities each day to ditch your serious side and simply have a blast. Joy leads to ecstasy. Turn up your favorite song and sing along at the top of your lungs. Or equally fun, dance around your living room with full abandon. A sensual woman is vibrant, happy and vivacious. That exultation of spirit, pleasure, passion and delight is yours for the taking. So, find your joy and live full out. You will dazzle with your sensuality when you abandon yourself to joy.


2. Bask in your body
Tuning in to the pleasures of your body is one of the fastest ways to access your sensuality because sensuality is experienced by the body. So, enjoy your body and luxuriate in its splendor.

To truly embody sensuality, you must release self-criticism. Instead of focusing on your flaws turn your attention to your loveliness. Begin today to start appreciating, accepting and yes, even loving your body. No matter your size, your body IS beautiful. Shower yourself with praise and affection. Bask in your unique magnificence. You’re only given one precious body in this life. Treasure it as the valuable gift it is.

Delight your senses to get in tune to your bodies pleasure. Take a long, hot, bubble bath by candlelight. Slather your soft skin with a sensuous smelling lotion. Clothe your feminine curves in fine quality garments of silk and cashmere. Ditch your trousers and loafers and don a sultry dress and sexy stilettos. Wear lovely lacey panties and spritz yourself with your favorite perfume. Viola! With your sensual senses on overload you’ll glow with the radiant confidence of the enchantress you truly are.

3. Revel in your feminine essence
As a woman you have an innate gift of flirtatiousness, playfulness, and softness. You may have lost touch with it but this is your sensual feminine power, so reconnect with it and work it!


You are a radiant, magnificent, valuable, splendid jewel. It is your fundamental nature to shine! Feminine energy is receptive and connecting with your feminine spirit opens you to receive pleasure in all its forms. Relish all things feminine! Your vibrant female spirit is not only sensual; it creates a powerful magnetic pull that draws men to you like bees to honey.

Remember, enjoying your sensual side as a woman requires embracing your fundamental feminine nature. Your sensuality is achieved by tuning in to your divine feminine essence.

In becoming a sensual and sexy woman, it's not only important that a woman is aware of her sensuality, but is familiar with it and FEELS it. When that feeling's inside of you - as a vital undercurrent – you will embody sensuality in an authentic and powerful way.


So there you have it, a 3-step recipe to your sensual self. Reconnect with it today!

Take pleasure in your , starting today!

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