It's International Happiness Day! What Are You Happy About?

Today is International Happiness Day so always remember that happiness is a choice!

How To Be Happy On International Happiness Day!

Today is International Happiness Day! But did you know that happiness is a choice? Yes, happiness is a choice and it's as simple as focusing on what you want to find. For instance, if you focus on the negative that's what you will find, and if you focus on the positive that's also what you will find. So, why would you waste your time focusing on anything else?

When you go on a first date are you looking for the positives or the negatives? Do you notice that their shoes are scuffed or that they have the most amazing friendly smile? Do you notice that he or she is a little shy or that they are trying desperately to make eye contact with you because they are feeling a bit overwhelmed? Again whatever your point of view is that is what you will find.


When you walk down the street do you notice the people or just walk on by? Do you make eye contact with them, do you smile at them? Why not? What does it cost you to be nice? Keep in mind to do it with no expectations. You are only responsible for your part, and no matter how the other person reacts or doesn't is their problem, not yours. It may be just a quick smile passed by passing strangers or it may open up an opportunity for more. Again, why not? What have you got to lose?

I want to ask every one of you to share a smile face-to-face (not through social media) with at least three people today. It is International Happiness Day, so why not share a little happiness. I would love to hear your results!


OK, I will start this poll off, what am I happy about today? I am so thrilled that it is a beautiful sunny spring day, that I have my health, I have fabulous friends and I have the opportunity to share this with all of you!

Now go and tell us all what you are happy about today—inquiring minds want to know!

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