Dump Mr. Cheap Before Valentine's Day

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Will an orange smell any different if you move it from your kitchen to your bedroom? No! An orange is an orange no matter how you slice it! And a cheap guy is a cheap guy no matter what the Holiday … be it Christmas, your birthday, Easter, or Halloween, he is never going to honor you in the way that you deserve — not because he doesn't have the time, money, or creativity, but because he is cheap.

When men are tight with their money, they are tight with their time, affection, warmth, consideration, sympathy, and last bite of pizza. In other words — cheap men tend to be globally cheap. It's as if their cheap nature dominates almost every area of their lives. Date On A Dime Without Looking Like A Cheap Skate

Trust me on this. Okay don't trust, but keep an open mind. Take Nessa for example, (all names are changed to protect the innocent) she came to my office about a year complaining that she was always doing nice things for her boyfriend, but he rarely made time to do anything sweet for her.

According to Nessa he made good money as an accountant and she had high hopes of marrying him someday. Another major complaint was his insistence that they split all dinner and vacation tabs down the middle. These are classic complaints of women dating cheapos!

They call themselves thrifty and responsible. I call them selfish and uptight. If you opt to stick by your cheap man's side through Valentine's Day, please send me a note with the following three questions answered on February 15th: What Men Secretly Think About Valentine's Day [VIDEO]

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  1. Did I wake up on February 14th with a tight knot in my stomach, wondering if he would even bother to stop and pick up a discount greeting card?
  2. At anytime on February 14th did I find myself experiencing jealous feelings because my sister, mother, friend, co-worker, etc. were honored in a special way on this day and I was not?
  3. On February 14th, did my cheapo boyfriend order a medium pizza (for both of us), rent a movie, and fall asleep on the couch, only to wake me up at 3:00 am expecting sex?

If you even suspect that your answers will be close to a yes on any of these questions — dump his ass as soon as you can!

And please don't forward notes suggesting good men are broke these days. A good man can honor the lady in his life for free. One of the most romantic Valentine's Day gifts I ever received was a beautiful hand written poem from the man I was dating at the time. 15 Valentine's Day Gifts You'll Both Enjoy

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