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Illness/disease is not a side effect of being alive. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves with the proper support.

About Sharrie Thompson

Dare hope for relief from illness and disease?  Believe you can have better health than you currently enjoy?  You should; there's every reason to do so.  Our bodies are built with the capability to repair, restore, and revive themselves and I am living proof.    
As a registered nurse, certified clinical aromatherapist, reiki master, and advanced pranic practitioner, I have seen the body make huge strides in recovery multiple times. My journey began one February morning in 1997... 
I awoke to find my body unresponsive to my brains commands. Every move, every thought, and every communication took ultimate concentration and determination.   I would be confined to bed for twenty hours each day for the next five years.  My time was spent sleeping, moaning with pain, and experiencing emotional upheaval.
My sidekicks were short and long-term memory loss, inability to think clearly or problem solve, muscle weakness that would prohibit me from activities of daily living, extreme fatigue, unrelenting headaches, unbearable itching... and, of course, extreme pain.  
My healing journey would last two decades during which I would be unable to fulfill my role as wife, mother to two young children, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and nurse.  My husband, family, and friends would be forced to fulfill those roles for me.  The fear this was to be our forever life permeated our home.  
From my bed, I read about chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia only to discover conventional medicine offered little help.  My physician confirmed this dismal revelation with a disability car tag. Hopelessness engulfed me as I was told this was not to be a temporary or a reversible condition. 
I made a prayerful commitment that if any potential answers to my misery presented, I would be open to the experiences.  Thus began my exploring alternative and complementary medicine and embracing the hope that ensued. 
Along the way, I worked with experts in yoga, chiropractic, homeopathy, psychology, Reiki, dry needling, psychiatry, iridology, massage, physical therapy, shamanic healing, pain management, essential oils, occupational therapy, nutritional therapy, functional medicine, Mayan abdominal massage, pranic healing, spiritual guidance, Eden energy medicine‚Ķ  
Each session led to a better understanding of rebuilding my health, sometimes with little to no health improvement and other times, improvements by leaps and bounds.  I could no longer accept the belief that illness and disease are side effects of being alive and that once diagnosed there was no chance of positive progression.  
I explored how the body regenerates, restores, and recovers. Believing in the body's capability to achieve the highest wellness when given the correct support served me well.  Understanding the science behind how better health happens reinforced the understanding that illness or disease does not have to be a life sentence.  
At present, I am a woman proud of her sixty years who sleeps soundly at night to awake refreshed and prepared to do the work of the day.  I have been symptom-free for six years.  
I am a viable, vibrant, functioning wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, mother in law, grandmother, friend, and nurse.   I live, I laugh, I love and I play hard.
Continued well-being is a daily option. I know the choices that will cause issues and sometimes I choose to stay out later, have that wine, eat that dessert,...  When I choose those, I utilize learned techniques to get back on track. I never feel inhibited by my wellness choices.  The ultimate hope for life after illness!!
My work focuses on helping others find modalities to dovetail with conventional medicine or use as stand-alone methods to achieve greater wholeness.  I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe.  I merely assist your work with your body for better health.

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