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About Sharon Coldwell

I am a certified Leadership and Life Coach. My coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that Leadership exists beyond any title; that who one is at their core, is as significant as what they do and that through exploration and discovery, 'the extraordinary' is often found within the ordinary. Organizational change, along with personal and professional growth all start from the same place; through challenging perspectives and behaviours. By facilitating action, I work with individuals and teams to 'get out of their own way'. Understanding that ‘one size’ does not fit all, a holistic approach to coaching is crucial to its success. I champion my clients to overcome their self-limiting beliefs as we often represent our biggest challenges. I value self- awareness, accountability, servant leadership, teamwork and tenacity.

Through forging co-active relationships, together we focus on short and long-term goals while being ever mindful of who the client is when they show up. Powerful shifts begin when clients start to feel empowered. The wish I hold for all my clients, is that they reach their highest goal, to see and feel their own goodness, their own greatness, to own their own choices, to learn and grow from them and to love and accept themselves with the same compassion they do for those closest in their own lives.   

I believe that one only needs the desire to grow to discover what's possible; that organizations and individuals can change anything if they are willing to acknowledge it. I bring to each relationship, authenticity, passion, humour, integrity, curiosity, listening and intuition.

If you're ready to invest in yourself, contact me for a free introductory consultation.

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