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“We accept the love we think we deserve." And I truly believe every woman deserves to be fully loved, cherished, and adored. Once she realizes this - once she becomes aware of how powerful she is and gets in touch with her feminine energy, there is no going back. She will attract a soul fulfilling relationship or inspire her current partner to give her the relationship that she's always wanted.

About Shahrzad Malika

I'm a Love and Relationship coach trained by world renowned Rori Raye. I feel so blessed as I get to help women to inspire and have the love and attention of their dream men by helping them get in touch with their feelings and feminine power.

What makes my heart soar is when I guide women to quickly change from feeling invisible to feeling seen, heard, and loved. Having the opportunity to observe my clients to go from invisible to a love-magnet feels most amazing and rewarding to me.

I am all too familiar with the pain of being an invisible woman. A woman can be absolutely gorgeous, brilliant, and successful, and none of that matters when she doesn't feel that she's enough as she is. She thinks that she has to work hard to have the relationship that she wants, and I show her that it can be exactly the opposite. 

Relationship coaching helped me to figure out how effortless it can be to attract a fulfilling relationship, and I teach my clients the exact same tools and techniques that I used to transform my own love life. The transformation and the results can happen overnight.

Shahrzad Malika Success Stories

After a year and a half, I finally started to feel my marriage for the first time


"It's been less than 2 months since I started my work with Shahrzad. I must say, after a year and half I finally started to feel my marriage for the first time. It became so easy for me to lean back in my relationship and just receive from him. I became open and I could retouch my feminine energy and my true self which was forgotten very long ago.
I was able to heal my energy blocks which were so deeply rooted. Happiness, trust, laughs, trips, joy, awareness, self love just splashed into my life like a package.
My man's energy started to come to me over and over. This is all because of this kindhearted and loving woman. Best part of her work is, she doesn't teach you strategies. She aims on transforming you and to touch your deeper self. Her coaching isn't momentary.
The knowledge she provides is something that can never be taken away from you. Her words will work like spell. Her patience, sweet voice and kind words will drive you to practice the tools with discipline. I am looking so much forward to learn more. 
Shahrzad- You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You will be my pretty pretty coach forever. Thank you for your time, effort and love. No doubt that every woman coming through your way shall make their desires come true. Tons and tons of gratitude to you ! Loads of love ~ Priya, California

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