5 Ways To Use Your Fingers To Give Her The Best Orgasm Of Her LIFE

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how to stimulate a woman's clitoris

Did you know a woman's clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings? That’s TWICE as many as your entire penis! 

If you want to guarantee that she orgasms before you doclitoral stimulation orgasm is usually the best bet. Where most guys go wrong is that they go straight for direct clitoral stimulation. To really make her orgasm (without faking it), you need to start by learning how to stimulate a woman's clitoris, and giving her the kind of foreplay that teases her clitoris and makes her anticipate contact BEFORE you let her have it.

The first 3 tips below will show you some simple and highly effective ways to learn how to stimulate a woman's clitoris INDIRECTLY so once you move on to direct contact, she's already halfway there. Since most guys rarely (if ever) do this, you can become a clitoral-orgasm-giving wizard very easily!

1. Play with her hair.

If your girl has pubic hair, activate some more nerves by playing with the hair. Spread your fingers and run them through her hair, then squeeze your fingers together (gathering a patch of hair between them) and lightly pull them away from her body. The follicles of hair are rooted underneath her skin, so when you pull them, you are actually provoking nerve endings that connect to her pelvis. This is the only way to reach some of those internal nerves that your hand can’t otherwise invade.

A few things to keep in mind when using this technique: Never pull hard, but very gently, and only once in a while; usually when you start things off because the hotter she gets, the more she’ll want stimulation.

2. Gently tease her "lips."

A woman's vulva has two sets of “lips”, the labia majora and minora. Both have lots of nerve endings that like to be teased and pleased, but unlike the labia majora, the labia minora lips are extra sensitive and need to be handled with lots of care. She will be able to feel even a slight touch or rub very profoundly, so don't play too rough with these lips and always make sure either she’s wet or you use lubrication.

Put the palm of your hand where her pubic hair will be (if she doesn’t shave) and have your fingers facing downward. When you are ready to begin “lining” the labia lips with your fingers, simply curl them towards your palm and start gently touching that lining from the bottom all the way to the top.

3. Stroke her clitoris.

A woman’s clitoris has a shaft just like a penis — and can be stroked up and down. To find her shaft, push up on the mons pubis so that you can push that skin away and let your fingers be your guide. Look for a “stalk” which will usually lie in waiting (since it’s rarely ever stimulated by most impatient guys) right under the crux of the head. 

Feel it and then very gently pinch it using your thumb and forefinger. Think of it as a much smaller version of your penis and just gently stroke her up and down. Every tiny tenth of an inch counts when you’re talking about the clitoris, a huge center point for orgasmic nerve endings. So experiment often and find the frequency she likes.

4. Heighten her sensations.

This move works incredibly well when a woman is already aroused and getting closer to her first orgasm. Just use the tip of your index finger and do a series of little taps directly on the head. This is not going to make her orgasm but will punch up the volume of her arousal much higher, sending her closer and closer to orgasm!

5. Lightly "paint" her.

Many say that artists are the greatest lovers in the world. Treating your woman’s clitoris like a fine painting is one more way to bring her to a deliciously gratifying orgasm.

Use your index or middle finger and instead of pushing or rolling, use it more like an artist’s brush. Slide the front of your finger over the clitoris (always with plenty of saliva or lubrication) and “color” the entire clitoris area from the tip to the base. Just as if painting a picture, glide the strokes lightly, sometimes barely touching, and eventually adding more pressure, for a more intense effect.

While most guys continue to be fooled by fake orgasms, you can instantly set yourself apart as one of the rare guys who makes his woman orgasm (for real), just by using these types of simple (yet insanely effective) techniques for how to stimulate a woman.


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