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Understanding the mindset and behaviours behind a successful relationship is paramount. Many people dive into a relationship without understanding what will make their partnership go the distance. A successful relationship relies not just on passion and affection, but on understanding the key skills that make a relationship work

About Dr Georgina Barnett

Georgina has a doctorate in Counselling Psychology and has worked for fifteen years in the fields of therapy, coaching and group facilitation. She is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential and achieve their goals. Over the past five years, she has dedicated herself to the area of relationships and matchmaking at Seventy Thirty, and continues to coach and write on these subjects.

Dr Georgina Barnett Success Stories

Successful matchmaking

Single women

"Six years ago on Wednesday afternoon, my life changed forever. My husband, who was 37 at the time, had a terrible car accident and he lost his life. I was at the time 35 and left in total agony with two very small children. We were financially secure for many years to come, but the pain of losing the father of my children, and the love of my life was excruciating. After three years of counseling, fighting depression, single-motherhood, and being alone, I was persuaded by my parents and a few friends to move on with my life. A friend of my sisters’ was engaged to be married to a man she met through an agency called Seventy Thirty. I never heard of them or any other agency, as I didn’t need their service before. I have spent further few months thinking about it, and finally, my sister accompanied me and we went to meet Lemarc Thomas who introduced himself as Managing Director of Seventy Thirty.

I will always have fond memories of Lemarc as he was how I imagined psychologists to be; calm and composed, caring and empathetic. He was exceptionally transparent, and realistic, and he reassured me about the whole process as I was nervous. He clearly explained that the process is slow, and that like me other parties can say yes or no. Matches are handpicked, and it is obvious it is not Internet dating where you can have hundreds of emails in one go. Majority of gentlemen in their books are busy successful people, and it was unreasonable to expect the fast responses. My sister and I understood very clearly how the process works and I was happy to sign up. I paid £12,500 for a year of membership.

I met my new partner six months into my membership, after meeting three other men before him. The men I met were brilliant and lovely people but there was no chemistry. However, the same evening when I met my partner I could feel butterflies in my stomach, and I knew there is something going on there. To cut the story short, we dated for almost a year, and we moved in together. My children are happy and content, and I as a mother couldn’t ask for more." Gulia

Successful matchmaking and coaching

Single men

"Seventy Thirty is the company for professional people who want to meet others like them. Who have the same mind-set - quality people with little time to date and interested in a serious relationship. It’s private, no public profile posting, and no lengthy conversations with strangers. They keep everything respectable. You are not here to find you another date, but to find your ideal match. I also liked that there are 4 coaching sessions on offer that prepare me for the next phase of my life. What I have enjoyed the most working with Sue is that she truly cares for my best interest. Her caring demeanor and non-judgmental attitude actually helped me to further heal from the wounds of divorce. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a meaningful relationship. If it worked for me, it can definitely work for you." Michael

The Mottos book


Susie Ambrose and I published The Mottos: The guiding principles behind creating an enchanting relationship and keeping your love bloomingmore

The belief that relationship success should come naturally and bring endless joy means that people are embarrassed about seeking help or buying a book for guidance, as they think the magic should happen automatically. It never occurs to them that guidance and skill are exactly what is needed to create the magic! This is where this book comes in. It takes a positive, theme-based, rather than rule-bound, approach to sustaining great relationships – hence the title, The Mottos. We all live our life by our favourite mottos, which we hear about from childhood. Mottos are phrases which encapsulate wisdom that we endeavour to live our lives by, and this book gives you the mottos to build and maintain a wonderful relationship.

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