What You Need To Do If You Hate Your Husband (If You Want To Save Your Marriage)

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Find out where everything went wrong.

The day you wake up and realize to yourself that "I hate my husband" is not a fun one.

Nobody goes into a relationship with the hope that they will end up hating their partner, but sadly it happens, and today I'm going to show you how to get your marriage out of this circle of hate.

The first step is finding out the underlying cause as to why you hate your husband or partner. Once you understand the underlying reason, you can then start taking the necessary steps to stop hating and hopefully start caring about him again. (And possibly avoid a painful break-up or divorce.)

Is It Something He Did/Does?


Figuring out why you hate your husband should be the first thing you ask yourself. You need to understand if it's something your husband is doing that makes you hate him so much.

What many women discover is that it's not something major or truly terrible that their man does that upsets them. Instead, it's the small things in a marriage that slowly build up over time.

Things like not putting the toilet seat down after using the bathroom or not washing his hands before a meal or forgetting to take his shoes off when he comes into the house.

While these aren't major problems in the grand scheme of things, it's easy for them to pile up and become a bigger thing than they need to

 If you find that it's the small things that bug you and cause you to utter the words, "I hate my husband," then you need to talk to him and let him know that it's bothering you. You'll be surprised at just how willing most guys are to make changes for you.

Is It Something You Did/Do?


If you can't find fault with your husband, there is a small possibility that it's something you do or have done that causes friction between you two. Again, you need to take the same course of action.

Think about the things that might be causing your hatred and anger.

  • Did he stop buying you flowers because you stopped communicating your appreciation for them and now you feel like he's a jerk?
  • Did you accidentally go hard on him when he could have really done with your support? Like losing his job or a loved one?

It's usually not something that you do that makes you hate your husband, but it can happen. Now, this next reason can be a hard one to think about, but it's important to be honest.

Are You Attracted To Someone Else And Hatred Is Your Justification?


Sometimes when a married woman (or man) is incredibly attracted to someone else, but are already in a relationship, they subconsciously start to hate or resent their current partner so that they can "allow" themselves to become attracted to this new person.

Have you ever found yourself doing this? Perhaps you are infatuated with a guy at work (and maybe this guy feels the same about you) and, as a result, you push away from your man? If so, then it's time to re-evaluate your relationship and decide what you truly want and value.

One Big Reason Why I Hate My Husband — Cheating:


The last reason and probably the biggest for you to feel hatred towards your husband is because he cheated. Cheating in a relationship is a massive cause for all types of resentment, anger, hatred and jealousy.

So it goes without saying that if your man cheated on you, then you are right to hate him at least a little bit, but if you are serious about fixing your relationship and moving forward, then you really need to look past it and move on.

How To Stop Hating Your Husband:


So we've covered the 4 main reasons why women end up hating their husbands. Now it's time to learn how to stop this hate and hopefully turn your feelings back into love.

You need to start off by understanding that changing your attitude and feelings is not something that's going to happen overnight. It takes time. As well as this, you'll find that it's often a combination of things that help you get over the hate, hurt and anger — not just one magical technique.

1. Accept And Leave Behind

The hardest but most effective technique you can use to stop hating your husband is to accept that he may not be perfect or that he may have made some mistakes in his past and then do your best to leave them in the past.

This can be especially helpful if you hate your husband because of something he did just once or while drunk. Accepting that he is not perfect and made a mistake and coming to peace with that mistake are crucial to moving forward and starting to love your husband again.

2. Find The Good

Another super powerful way to start loving your husband again or at least to stop hating him is to be hyper-aware of his good attributes, habits and the nice things he does for you. Being appreciative and showing that appreciation will actually make you feel more connected to your man.

So, at the very least, try to make a mental list of what you like about your man or even better, physically write down that list on a piece of paper.

3. Communicate Effectively

The last technique to get out of the I hate my husband mindset is to improve your communication with each other. It's incredible how so much anger and hatred between couples is created by a lack of proper communication.

You'll find that if you let your man know that something's bothering you as he does it, it's a lot more effective than saying nothing and letting it stew and build up.

4. Try Something New In The Bedroom

One of the quickest ways to stop hating and start loving is to simply try something new in the bedroom with your man. You'll learn a ton from this video tutorial where I'll teach how to give your man incredible oral sex. And if you'd like to build huge amounts of sexual tension with your man before you even get to the bedroom, then you may want to take a look at this instructional video.