How To NOT Embarrass Yourself At The Office Christmas Party

Keep your job AND your dignity by avoiding these holiday party faux pas.

office party

With the holiday season comes an array of Christmas party invitations. From ugly sweater parties to festive Christmas movie binges, it's a joyous season for cracking open a bottle of bubbly. But among these invitations will likely be your Christmas work party. Follow these doss and don'ts to avoid skipping work and staying in bed the next day hiding in shame.

Do: Dress up for the occasion.
Your Christmas work party is the perfect opportunity to trade in your normal, stuffy work attire for something cute or festive. You can pair a black dress, tights and heels with cute accessories. Or you can take full-advantage of the holiday season by wearing your favorite festive gear.


Don't: Use the word "party" as an excuse to dress like you're going out for a night on the town. 
Yes, it may be your work party, but don't confuse that term with the word with "clubbing." Skip your usual Saturday night attire, like tight, booty-hugging dresses and 5-inch heels. Remember, when it comes to office parties, always dress a bit classier than what you usually would.

Do: Drink socially and responsibility.
Having a few drinks with coworkers can reduce stress and help you bond, so feel free to enjoy a few drinks, but know your limit and stick to a minimum. Three or four drinks is usually a safe bet. A good rule of thumb is to get to a point where you have a nice buzz, then ride the waves of that for the rest of the night.


Don't: Take full advantage of an open bar.
If your work is generous enough to provide an open bar (kudos to them) then repay the favor by not taking full advantage of it. Enjoy a few drinks, pass on your gratitude and avoid becoming the person who forever ruined the open bar concept at future parties. 

Do: Mingle with co-workers and try to avoid the subject of work:
Your work party is an excellent way to get to know your colleagues. Use this time to mingle, bond and most of all, have a great time—one that will make for some hilarious (and appropriate) stories on Monday.

Don't: Make out with your work crush:
Mixing a work crush with alcohol is a dangerous combination. If you are feeling a bit too tipsy and want to make a move, it'll be hard, but try to put yourself into a mature mindset: making out with someone in front of your co-workers may seem fun in the moment, but it's what will happen afterwards that you have to deal with. Stick to the sober pursuit.