Boost Your Self-Esteem And Inner Strength Today In 3 Sure-Fire Ways

Treat yourself to some killer confidence by defining, and embracing, what makes you - YOU!


Feeling drained? Always waiting on Friday? Wonder if there's more to life than daily tasks and never ending “work?” The Positive Psychology movement or the science behind what makes people happy, more engaged and creative has found that People whose jobs allowed them to use their signature strengths…were consistently happier!

What’s cool about this research and this influential field - is that knowing your character strengths and using them on a daily basis can make you happier, not only in your job, but across relationships, goals and your entire life! The strengths we're talking about here are not what you are good at doing. For example, drawing or baking would be more of a talent. We're talking about character strengths - positive traits such as fairness, leadership, integrity and open-mindedness. 


Now this is BIG NEWS! It's a simple way you can start changing your life and finding happy right now! The best part is that when it comes to relationships, finding your strengths makes you lively and has a positive influence on ALL of your relationshipsHere are 3 ways to figure out your strengths and grow happy!

1. Take the test

Go to ,sign up for a free account and take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths or Brief Strengths assessment. Our strengths change depending on what’s happening in our lives, so you can reassess and try it once a year. Usually your bottom strengths won't change much and that's okay! The “Science of Happiness” research will tell you that happiness is found when we're aware of and using our top strengths. Fighting with yourself and trying to fix “weaknesses” is a waste of time. It'll leave you feeling frustrated and miserable!


2. Find your strengths in your story

Think or write about a challenging time overcame or a goal you made happen. Maybe it's a break-up, when your first child was born or landing a new job. What strength did you use to rise to the occasion? When we overcome a hardship or meet a goal successfully - without even knowing it we're using one of these unique strengths. Now read your story and think about the strengths you discovered from the test. Write down 3 strengths you used for success. Are you courageous, kind or perseverant? If you're struggling to see your strengths - Ask people who love you.  Those who adore us often see in us virtues that we may not be aware we have. Ask them, you'll be surprised! 

3.  Write down 3 ways you can use each of your top strengths

Now you have a pretty good idea what your strengths are! Remember to make change happen and feel happier and engaged in life - you need to use these strengths everyday! Make a list of ways you can use your strengths. Consciously using these unique strengths of yours, will give you more happiness and energy in all aspects of your life.     


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