How To Use The Full Strawberry Moon & Lunar Eclipse To Let Go Of Past Heartbreak

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How To Use The Full Strawberry Moon & Lunar Eclipse To Let Go Of Past Heartbreak

The full moon on June 5th is called the Strawberry Moon. It will also be a lunar eclipse, and the wonderful energy of this moon is just the thing to help you move on from heartbreak and embrace love in the future.

It's called the Full Strawberry Moon because that's when Native Americans picked ripe strawberries every year. What a sweet touch for this month!

When the full moon rises brightly in the night sky, something magical happens. Around the world, people revere the full moon and lunar eclipse and often perform rituals to leverage the mystical energy.

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How can the full moon help you let go of past heartbreak?

The full moon is at its brightest and then diminishes each night until it's no longer visible as the new moon. For thousands of years, this has been thought of symbolically as a time for shedding and letting go.

When you do this, you follow the natural forces of the universe.

Try these 9 steps for a productive full moon ceremony to let go of past heartbreak and start fresh again!

If possible, do this outside for safety, but it's not a requirement.

What you'll need for the ritual:

  • A candle
  • Two bowls, one metal or fire-proof and another to hold water
  • Paper and a pen
  • Your choice of clearing tools
  • Your choice of closing tool

1. Choose your focus.

This is a perfect opportunity to let go of what no longer works in your life, with the idea of transforming the situation or yourself to move forward.

If you've been struggling to let go of past heartbreak, this is an ideal focus for a full moon ritual. Journal about your broken heart, your ex, and everything you want to leave behind. The more clarity you have about what you want to let go of, the easier it is to release.

Do you need to release your connection to an old love, the pain or hurt they caused, or to stop blaming yourself for the part you played? Set your intention for this full moon ritual to get the most from it.

Now that you're clear about what to release, you're ready to perform the full moon ceremony.

2. Clearing your energy.

Many people do not realize you naturally collect other people's energetic debris as you move through your daily life. It could be from arguments, negativity from the news, or simply driving in traffic. Your own negative thinking and limitations add to the build up as well.

This collection of energy needs to be cleansed so your vibration is free of entanglements. Otherwise, it can end up draining your energy, weighing you down, and detracting from your vitality.

That's what so magical about the full moon. In all her brilliance, she offers her divine presence to help you clear your energy, body, mind, and life, so you can create the open space needed for manifesting something new.

There are lots of powerful ways to clear your energy, but here are a few of the simplest methods.

  • Allow the smoke from a smudge stick to clear your energy by sweeping it in the front and back of your body.
  • Take a bath with Epsom salt which clarifies, detoxes, and relaxes the body.
  • Sweep a selenite crystal with head to toe movements around your body.

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3. Ground and center.

To ground or center yourself, do a quick visualization in which you imagine sending roots down into the earth from your tailbone.

Once you feel rooted, imagine the Earth's energy gently rise through the center of your body, come out the top of your head, and fall back into earth like a fountain.

This is a classic exercise that can be completed in just a few minutes, bringing your focus to the present moment for the ritual.

4. Create sacred space.

Creating a sacred space for a ritual strengthens your focus. Light a candle to set the tone.

Call in the four directions to create a circle by facing east, then turn clockwise to face the south, west, and north. Ask the spirits of each direction for their guidance and protection, then sit in the center of your circle.

5. Set your intention.

Decide what you want as your outcome which becomes the focus during your ceremony. Write this intention on a small piece of paper. You can also do this beforehand, if you prefer.

You might want to let go of your ex, your anger about what they did, or the choices you made. Or you may need to forgive yourself for the role you played in the breakup.

It's up to you but, when you're ready, read it aloud.

6. Release and let go.

For this step, you need a stainless-steel bowl, clay pot, or another fireproof bowl.

Touch the corner of your paper to the candle flame and then drop it into the bowl so it burns. Allow it to burn completely, turning to ash.

This step symbolically releases what you no longer want and at the same time transforms the energy. Yay!

7. Purify with water.

Now with the water from the second bowl, wash your hands signifying that you have completed the transition. You're clearing away any last vestiges, so nothing remains.

8. Connect with your intuition.

Next, harness the mystical power of the full moon to receive any possible guidance. Simply ask your angels or spirit guides for help and insight. Know it’s all right if you don’t receive a message.

Having let go of past heartbreak, now there is room for something or someone new to enter your life. That's the exciting part!

9. Close the ritual

Having completed the full moon ritual, this is a time for gratitude! Feel grateful for this ceremony, any help you received from the spirit world, and the prospect of new opportunities coming your way soon.

Imagine the circle opening starting in the east and moving counterclockwise this time to the north, south, and west. Then as a final touch, ring a bell or chime, clap your hands or say a prayer to signal the ceremony has ended.

You'll find this full moon ritual a powerful and satisfying method to let go of past heartbreak and a love that is no longer viable.

Welcome this freedom with open arms and know that when the new moon comes around, you are now clear to manifest a new love who could be a loving life-partner, more compatible, and the person you've been dreaming of.

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