Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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Family Coach, Marriage Educator, Mediator, Mentor, Relationship Coach

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That every human being has an unconditional right to health and happiness. I believe that Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, understood, and not judged. Everyone has the right to feel loved, respected and valued. I believe in these things. But, most importantly, I believe in myself and my value to contribute positively to mankind. I believe I can make a difference in helping people honor themselves in joy, love, and the uniqueness that they are.

About Roger House

Always being asked to mediate between couples I found myself teaching them to understand each other. Many times couples speak and listen differently, and if you do not know how your partner does hear you, a wall comes up and couples think the other is "Just trying to make them mad!"  But the truth is that when you can really speak and listen to your partner in the way they can communicate all the issues you thought were impossible to over come disappear without any work at all. 

Roger House Success Stories

His Abuse Was Silent! But Deadly!

Couples considering divorce

I had a woman that was struggling with her marriage, that came to me asking for help. She said that they had already gone to 5 others to get help, only to find themselves still angry and not wanting to be around each other.  She told me that I was their last hope! If I couldn't help them they were ready to get a divorce. This was not the first time I heard this, so I knew that if they had at least a little spark for each other I could change the fuel that was keeping their marriage together from pain and hate, to love and romance. more

It wasn't going to be an easy job, but it was possible. In interviewing them I found that they both wanted to make the marriage work. This was the spark that I could work from. Finding that the issues were deep, I found that the issues were related to PTSD. Adding to all the symptoms of PTSD they also started to play the blame game, where they both blamed the other for everything that happened.  

After 5 sessions the fire of passion came back to them and it has been over 2 years since our last session and they just called me saying that they are not just in love, but passionate for each other. They told me that they are more in love today than they were when they first got married.

You will find that if you both want your marriage to thrive I can help! No matter what the issues are!

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