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Author, Personal Development Coach, Postpartum Coach, Relationship Coach

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I want women to feel confident and look to the future with optimism. I will show you how to smash stereotypes to realize your potential.

About Robyn Stein DeLuca, PhD

I am a mother, sister, and daughter, who grew up at a time when women’s opportunities were expanding at an amazing rate. Today I’m tired of hearing about what women can’t do. Gender politics and stereotypes keep women from achieving their full potential. As an expert on conditions like PMS, postpartum depression, and menopause, I know that most women do not suffer from mental disorders because of their time of the month, or their time of life.  I’m committed to restoring women’s self-confidence and unleashing their tremendous abilities so they can live their lives fully. As the founder and CEO of DeLuca Insight, I provide speeches and workshops about resisting stereotypes and realizing individual potential. With that perspective in mind, my coaching practice focuses on prenatal and postpartum coaching.

Using cutting edge research, I help women understand how to reject the cultural myths that limit them, and show them how to reclaim their personal and professional power. Whether you are a millennial, corporate climber, new mom, or menopausal wise woman, I want to show you how to break down the impact of limiting hormonal myths and galvanize your own wisdom to live your most authentic and fulfilling life. In January 2018, I will be proud to offer Bringing Baby Home workshops for expecting parents to prepare their relationships for their new bundle of joy.

My new book, The Hormone Myth: How Gender Politics, Junk Science, and Lies About PMS Keep Women Down [New Harbinger Publications: August 1, 2017] debunks the idea of the “hormonal woman.”  

My 2014 TEDx talk “The Good News About PMS” has been viewed by 1.25 million people worldwide, and has been translated into 22 languages.

I have a Ph.D. in Health Psychology and hold the title of Research Assistant Professor at the Stony Brook University, where I taught for fifteen years about women’s state of mind and their reproductive health. In December 2017, I will complete the NYU Advanced Diploma in Coaching. Mentoring women is important to me so at Stony Brook I was the Executive Director of the WISE Program (Women in Science and Engineering), providing mentors, internships, and research opportunities to young women in STEM fields. More recently I’ve served as a business mentor to women early in their careers through the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation, teaching them skills in communication, negotiation, and navigating politics in the workplace.  I live in Brooklyn and enjoy hanging out with my two fabulous grown-up daughters and new son-in-law. I especially like to tuck into a good book on the couch, but begrudgingly take the occasional Zumba class.

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