Sorry Not Sorry, But Alpha Males Don't Compliment Girls On Facebook

Be classy on Facebook, even if she's posting hot pictures.

alpha malees

Recently, one of my hot friends (a girl) posted a sexy photo on Facebook, of her with two other girls. They were sticking their butts out toward the camera and coyly smiling at the lens — you know  the typical measures, modern women take to prepare for their photo op

When I saw that picture, I thought to myself, "T minus 10 seconds before every idiotic dude on Facebook is going to trip over himself to compliment how hot these girls are." Sure enough, within minutes about 56 guys had liked the photo and written comments (of desperation, seeking validation) like, "Muy guapa!," "getting divorced now..." and "why are you so hot!?"


At first I wasn't going to comment, but I couldn't stop myself. I wrote, "There's a whole lot of pathetic going on here."

No matter how common of a practice it becomes, this dynamic of chicks posting hot pictures of themselves and guys commenting on them is so weird and I have no intention on adapting. If you're one of those guys, hear me when I say this: No chick has ever slept with a douche-bag who posts on their page.

Call me old fashioned and perhaps, even overly confident (although, some will refute 'arrogance.') but Alpha males do not buy into this sh*t. Why is this? Mostly, because we have options for other women. There's no need for us to quench our thirst with every woman posting a selfie, propositioning herself, for no other than the desperate. And not because she wants you but because you're fun to play with (and joke about). We do not, simply, reward women for posting sexy photos of themselves on Facebook.


So gentlemen, moving forward, as a rule, never ever (and I do mean "never") in your life tell a girl she looks hot on a Facebook anything — hell, any social media. Got it?

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