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Parenting can be a difficult job!  Where else can you find work that gives no financial compensation, requires no advanced education yet requires a unique set of skills, and where you must work 24/7 to form mature future leaders.  Yikes! 

Welcome to my world!  I have been helping parents and future parents to guide their children through twenty-five years of teaching child development. And I have had my own on-the-job training as I raised my three girls to successful adulthood. 

Let's take this trek together to raise your children using my education, experience, and expertise.  Ask random questions at my online forum: http://www.reneeheiss.com/ask_grandma

Join my in my efforts to combine STEM (science, technoloogy, engineering, and mathematics) topics with character education while advancing language literacy at www.EnteleTrons.com  I think you'll agree that kids need more character education!

And see how you can change your thoughts to change your actions to ultimately change your life in my book, The Beaded Kingdom

If you want to get to know more about me, go to www.reneeheiss.com and sign up for my mailing list.


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