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Confidence Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Mediator, Mentor, Relationship Coach

About Renee Catt

I am the leading female expert relationship coach in Australia, specialising in before, during and after separation and divorce issues. I have learnt to embrace being single, starting over and finding true happiness on the other side of separation and divorce.   I do real, I do honest and sometimes a little cheeky and I speak about the unspoken.  I love tattoos, cocktails and all things that sparkle.

Through the challenges, experiences and insights that I faced during my marriage ending, I found my trueself, by putting myself out of my comfort zone and am happy to say, I am a much better version of me now.  Though some days were quite confronting, I managed to learn a lot on the emotional roller-coaster ride to embrace being single again. I then found my passion for writing and wanting to help other women in this situation.  I knew I just had to start this new journey and I am super excited to that you are reading this and I get to share all kinds of ‘stuff’ with you.

I want to change the world! Yep, big claim I know, but seriously, I want to change how women (and men) view their divorce, how they behave during it and how they move on. To help show women who are going through Divorce and that there are amazing opportunities ahead.  That they can create an amazing life and be a better version of themselves and not a bitter one. You really can be inspired to be empowered during this time, you just have to be open to a different view point. I believe that each relationship is the cliche of  'a reason, season or lifetime'. 

At the moment as I write this, I am a single 44 year old mother to two amazing children who are 8 and 9 years of age, plus one fur kid Golden Retriever who is nearly 91 in dog years.  I was with my ex for 8 ½ years and married for nearly 6.  I am now happily divorced for nearly 5 years. Come visit me on my website, click here.

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