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Author, Divorce Coach, Family Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Marriage Educator, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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It takes two to Tango, but only one good dancer to lead the dance.

About Leilla Blackwell

You found me! I’m Leilla Blackwell, the Relationship Revolutionary. A speaker, published author, contributing to the books She Loved Herself, and soon to be released Essential Wisdom, and host of The Pleasure Map for the Own Your Power Radio Network. I revolutionize the way couples experience love in a long term relationship. A lifetime together does not have to feel like a life sentence; it can be a fun and exciting adventure, falling rocks and all. Would you like to learn how to make it work without turning it into work?

If you (pick one or any combination)…
- Feel frustrated by intimate relationships
- Have trust issues
- Have ever cheated
- Have ever been cheated on
- Don’t understand men
- Don’t understand women
- Feel misunderstood or unappreciated in your love life
- Have “lost yourself” by trying to be something you are not in the name of love
- Aren’t having enough sex
- Aren’t having enough good quality sex
- Have lost your drive for sex
- Have lost your drive for sex with your significant other
- Are drained, exhausted, confused by your experience of love
- Have ever struggled with maintaining the passion in your intimate relationship
- Crave balance and fulfillment
- Want a powerful, soulful lasting union with the one you are with, or the one you have yet to find

…Join me in discovering your revolutionary relationship on this journey toward the MASTERY OF LOVE AND INTIMACY — the ultimate treasure at the end of the pleasure map on the adventure of a lifetime love.


I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach trained in the techniques and strategies of world renowned mastery coach Anthony Robbins. My focus is on Love & Intimacy, Relationship Constructs for Singles, Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention. I am a published author, contributing to the book She Loved Herself, and soon to be released Essential Wisdom. I contribute to multiple online magazines, and host The Pleasure Map for the Own Your Power Radio Network. I am a lover of all things associated with a deeper experience of life and love including prayer, mediation and yoga. I have contributed to the growth and development of families since 2005 through public speaking, coaching and teaching as well as training professionals in schools across the east coast. In addition to my elite client base, courses and retreats, I am committed to revolutionizing the experience of love and life for individuals and couples across all socio-economic boundaries and work through select community organizations to provide underprivileged families with group workshops. I use my vast experience, knowledge and training to develop and strengthen the family unit, and inspire others to contribute to the happiness, wellness, success and fulfillment of many in their own way. In
addition to direct coaching, I provide group coaching for women through the BLISSful Woman membership group, for men through the PASSIONate Man program and offer couples an alternative to direct coaching with the POWER of Love program. You can find out more on my website http://leillablackwell.com as well as connect with me on Facebook.


Leilla Blackwell Success Stories

Love Letters for Leilla


My husband was not available to participate in our sessions, but Leilla gave me the guidance I needed to make changes in myself which completely changed my relationship with my husband and put our marriage back on track. – T.D.more

Since we have been working together I finally have a sense of hope that things could be going in a positive direction for my husband and I. For years we have been going in a vicious cycle of frustration and negativity where we both felt the only way to get out of it would be to end the relationship. You have showed both of us that with just a few tweaks we could set things moving forward in a more positive, healthy direction. Some examples of this are – listening and responding to the words the other person is saying and not necessarily the emotion behind them, having a better understanding of the other persons needs and how their actions are based on fulfilling those needs, and how to communicate with one another in a manner that breeds more communication rather than distance. My husband and I have tried traditional counseling many times before and have always left feeling distraught and hopeless. The digging up and analyzing of the past that counseling brought out was not helpful or healthy for us or our relationship and did not provide the support we needed. Leilla’s approach is the exact opposite as it focuses on practical tools for moving forward from where you are today. This approach has worked very well for us and I think would benefit anyone who is looking to improve their marriage whether you are on the brink of divorce or just looking to work out some minor communication issues. – Lindsay

[Leilla] was able to pin-point the source of so many of our challenges, and she was dead-on. I knew she was the right one for us from that alone. But then she went on to show me how I could use those challenges to grow personally and drive my relationship in a new and better direction by making small shifts in how I saw and did things… My wife and I are both better people in ourselves and with each other, and our relationship is fuller and richer than we could have imagined. Anyone who isn’t changed for the better after working with her doesn’t really want it. – K.S.

When I started the Singles Signals program, I thought I was going to get some dating advice and direction on how to meet the right man, get married and live happily ever after. I have to admit, I was a little confused during the first session because we didn’t talk much about the dating process. I quickly realized that developing a quality relationship has more to do with becoming a person of quality than it does with how you meet… I became focused on developing the qualities in me that always existed that would help me attract a man of quality into my life. I have dated a few people since then and I am seeing someone now and I feel he fits that bill, but instead of having a “HE’s the ONE!!” attitude, I’m maintaining a “wouldn’t it be nice” dreamy attitude… We have been seeing each other for 4 months now and our relationship feels natural and exciting, instead of filled with stress and uncertainty. I have a new confidence in myself as a good partner for the right man. – A.T.

…Things were so bad that I was ready to throw away my marriage of 11 years and break-up my children’s family… This was not the life I had wanted for myself or my children. Working with you, I was able to figure out what I did want… It has been 3 years since that time and my husband and I are more committed to each other now, than we have ever been. – L.L.

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