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About Poppy and Geoff Spencer, M.S., CPC

We are certified counselors, nationally syndicated writers, relationship and parenting experts, certified in Myers Briggs (personality), “Millennial Translators,” national speakers, authors of a #1 Bestseller, One Billion Seconds: There’s Still time to Discover Love, and Podcast hosts. As a highly-credentialed husband and wife team who have made it their life’s passion to help people to immediately identify and address communication barriers, we help you to flourish in all of your work/life relationships. Interviewed on NBC, ABC, CBS, Your Tango, Bustle, and Popsugar, and dozens of radio, we offer two unique and experienced perspectives in our counseling.

We want to share a decades-long discovery with you: most relationships fail when there’s a breakdown in communication. It happened to us more than three decades ago. 

In 1978, we abruptly ended our first-love relationship for only one reason: we did not have the right words or skills to communicate to one another in a productive way. Nor did we have the ability to share what we really thought—how we really felt.

Ironically, we presented our first speaking opportunity together in 1978, when we fell in love. Now, more than three decades later, we speak together again as international relationship experts. In fact, our epic communication failure in 1978 shaped who we’ve become today: passionate proponents of heart-healthy communication.

Apart for 32 years, or One Billion Seconds: There's Still Time to Discover Love, the title of our #1 Bestselling book, we’ve explored and researched hundreds of people over the years, and have discovered the formula for what makes relationships flourish: the secret is exceptional communication.

We've consulted with hundreds of individuals, couples, and groups, and have discovered that people really want one thing: relief. It is our bold promise to you, that after working with us, you will feel better.

We are licensed, specialty-certified New Life Story® Wellness Coaches, and we direct people who feel stuck to write new life stories.  Geoff, a professional certified coach and sales and marketing professional, and Poppy, also with a background in sales and marketing, therapy, a Myers-Briggs-certified facilitator, a psychology professor, a certified coach, a parenting coach, and an expertise in neuroscience, break down the complexities of communication styles and offer straight-forward expertise on how and why some communicate the way they do—and how to master the “right” language to make all relationships thrive.

Chock-full of research from hundreds of stories of human communication and behavior (including business blunders and rich tales of failures and successes from our 5 Millennial children), we offer programs to work with you: corporate groups, couples, individuals, and families to develop successful strategies to break down barriers in communication. 

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