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Sometimes it is difficult to know when or if the decision to intervene should be considered.  Those who watch addiction progress often become immune to the longer term effects of addiction because they see the individual managing and being a "functional" addict.   Often those around will think that the addict is "going through a phase" or suffering just from emotional issues.  

Addiction is a primary disease.  It causes many of the life and health problems that develop inside its prison.  The phrase "Sometimes love must be tough" is true in that tough love stands up and voices the truth.  It attempts to pull the person from the fire instead of waiting for them to step out of the fire.

When does substance abuse turn into addiction?  This seems like a magical line that is crossed somewhere down the road of substance use.  No one really knows where the Identified Patient is in the journey down this road.  Therefore, diagnosing whether it is abuse or dependence isn't as important as stopping the destruction that comes with such a journey.

If you are having to begin thinking about answers to some of these questions in regard to your loved one, please email or call for a 15 minute consult. Waiting can only prolong the problem and delay the benefits that intervention brings.

Rebecca Bullion can be contacted at Rebecca@addictioninamerica.com by email or by phone at 615-414-2995. Learn more about me on my website Addiction in America or follow me on Twitter @AddictioninUS

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