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He's Not On Facebook — Is That Sweet Or SHADY?

not on facebook

Everyone has a Facebook account, right? So, why doesn't he? He'll probably say something like, "I have enough real friends." But, there may be something more going on.

Here are the top six reasons he doesn't have a Facebook account:

1. He has a good reason to be very private.
Perhaps he has been publicly ridiculed, is insecure or has a high-profile job. It's completely understandable that he'd want to keep his personal life private.

It may take some time for him to open up but there isn't any reason to think he's not worth the wait. 

2. He doesn't trust his self-restraint.
He loves to tell stories about the people he deals with on a daily basis. He is smart enough not to tell these stories publicly.

Perhaps he has a crazy family, a horrible job or does anything involving customer service.

If he were on Facebook, he'd undoubtedly get himself in some trouble. He's probably fun to be with but keep an eye out for how he handles conflict. He may be the type to say hurtful words he'll later regret.

3. It would ruin his "player" ways.
He wouldn't be able to date multiple women if they would all have access to his Facebook page. Keeping a secret, private page would be too much work, as he needs to focus his time on making the ladies feel special.

If you're not looking for anything serious, enjoy his company. But don't forget to be careful! 

4. He's going old-school.
He's into face-to-face interactions — and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you're a woman who likes texting and checking in, you're going to have to change your ways too.

5. He's completely self-centered.
He's not logging on to see what's happening in anyone's lives because he simply doesn't care. 

This is the same guy who will ignore your texts, pass you on the street without noticing and forget your birthday. He's clearly not a keeper.

6. He's uncomfortable with technology.
It is entirely possible that he doesn't have enough time, patience or interest to learn the ins and outs of Facebook. 

Given the frequency at which Facebook changes formats, who can blame him? He probably has a great real-life social network and doesn't see the need to have one on Facebook.

So, what are you still doing here? Log off and go hang out with him! But do come back to give us an update.

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