Getting In Touch With Your Inner Goddess

One of my favorite workshops to teach is one I call "Awaken the Goddess." This particular workshop is like magical glamour food, because every woman I know longs to experience herself deeply and to savor her own inner beauty. Tapping into this "Self" is a nurturing experience so profound that it can quickly satisfy what often feels like insatiable hunger in the women of today. This is because we have been starved of the most meaningful kinds of self-recognition!

The first entity ever revered anywhere on the face of our beautiful planet was (and for me, still is) the Goddess. In our world today, the Goddess has been mostly stamped out, but she still lives in the beat of our hearts. As women, she is as close to us as our very breath. I believe that as women, we are all Goddesses, which is something we understand deeper than thought. A disconnect from this truth can bring on unhappiness, and even illness.

In my experience, the quickest way to tap into the Goddess within is through the ancient practice of shamanism, and I will discuss this practice in another column. But for now, let it suffice to say that in most ancient belief structures, the Goddess was always considered to be THE most important deity in the whole pantheon of Gods. As a matter of fact, in certain Mayan societies, due to her sacredness, it was taboo to say the name of the Goddess out loud, and the code name for her was “the big 13”

I must tell you right off the bat that I am absolutely crazy in love with the concept of the Goddess. I can’t believe that we have to go through so much trouble to find her in today’s world. Why would there ever have been a desire to stamp out something as wonderful as the Great Mother, who is the energy of light, love and nurturing? Personally, I don’t get it. What a different world we would be living in if back in the day the Emperor of Rome had decided to put his support and might behind the worship of Isis instead of what he chose to enforce as the state religion at that time.

In today’s world, it’s so wonderful to evoke the Goddess within through ceremony, dance, meditation, singing and ritual. Through these kinds of celebrations, you come to know your inner Self as glowing, respected, understood and always magical. Imagine what it's like to know that, yes indeed, you are more than you ever let on to yourself, and that you are forever expanding into infinitely more powerful goodness. Connecting with the energy of the divine feminine brings the grace to see that you really are gorgeous, glorious and strong, and therefore truly loveable. To experience this is an elixir beyond wonderful, bringing you freedom and the incredible joy of empowerment. Once experienced, you wonder how you ever lived without having this great gift in the center of your heart.

My methods of finding the Divine Feminine in my workshops are distilled from years of practices that I love. I take this opportunity to share with you here a modern day chant to honor the Goddess in her many forms and names: “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana.” We always do this chant at some point during my Goddess Awakening workshops, and it feels so wonderful to “Goddess Speak.” I recommend that you start to practice this chant right now! Why put off honoring your gift to the world of being female? We have more to give than can be imagined. And when you love yourself, you draw love to you, naturally and without effort, which is just so wonderful and beautiful.

So give yourself the gift of this elixir that brings overflowing happiness to your heart, puts sparkle in your eyes, and adds spring to your step. It’s downright wonderful to know that yes, you are a Goddess. Yes, you are truly gorgeous and loveable at your very core! Yes, you are!

With Goddess blessings,