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The 4 Types Of Women Guys Avoid Dating At All Costs — And How To Make Sure They Don't See You As One

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Dating Advice For Women On How To Get A Guy To Like You

Everything is perfect with your super close male friend ... except you've developed intense feelings for him, but he only seems to see you as a platonic friend.

If only you could figure out how to get this guy to like you back.

How can you make him realize the two of you would be so good together if you became more than friends and he fell in love with you, too?

In order to change the dynamic and make him want you, you need to figure out what he wants, and what may be holding him back.

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And in order to do that, it will help if you know about some specific types of women he, like most men, is probably doing everything he thing he can to avoid dating — and whether or not he sees you as one of them.

Here are 4 types of women most men have pretty much no interest in dating.

1. The mother figure

Many women mother the guy they're in love with. You become a shoulder to cry on, and so, what happens? He only sees you as a friend and moves on to marry the next girl.

Being a guy’s confidante (without him being attracted to you first) is the most definite way to make him not see you as anything more than a friend. He will never date you as long as he sees you as a mother and not a potential mate.

2. The maid

Many women think that if they do everything for a man, he will like them more. The reality is that doing this only kills the attraction. When you work too hard to become a guy’s indispensable servant, while your intention may be to get romantic with him, the opposite happens, and you depolarize yourself from him instead.

3. The bossy girlfriend

Some women think that treating men meanly is a good way get them interested. It isn't. In fact, this typically only works with guys who have low self-esteem and generally aren't the guys you want. Most men don't want to be treated like a doormat. If you put him down in front of his friends, this may be you.

4. The girl waiting in the background

This is more common than you might think. You may simply have not aroused his curiosity enough for him to notice you. And if he hasn't noticed you, he isn't thinking about you as a potential girlfriend.

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All of that said, while many women believe that if a man doesn't see her as anything more than a friend from the get-go, they will remain "just friends" for life.

This is completely untrue. There are things you can start doing to get him to like you and see you as a potential partner.

Here's my best dating advice for women on how to make him want you:

1. Figure out how he currently sees you

When the man you love looks at you, does he see girlfriend material? Honestly examining how he sees you is essential. If he sees you as a therapist or a sibling, you have no hope of building a romantic relationship with him.

You might think that you are this incredible and sexy woman, but the guy doesn’t see any sexiness when he looks at you.

Take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you always listening to the guy’s problems?
  • Are you always ready to make brownies when he has had a tough day?
  • Are you available to the extent that he is taking you for granted?
  • Do you always agree to meet every time he asks to hang out?
  • Does he consider you sexy or does he relate to you as he does with the guy next door?
  • Does he always let you lead the conversation and/or activity?
  • Does he know much about you other than your name?

When you see yourself through the guy’s eyes, it is a great way to see things in a whole different light and change the role you are playing.

2. Change things up

You don't have to change your look entirely to win over a guy, and you shouldn't, but if you want a man to see you as more than a friend, you may want to consider changing things up a bit.

You've probably been dressing for comfort around him. After all, you are good friends.

Going forward, try dressing in a way that makes you feel sexy and confident when you're with him instead.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Choose clothes that are contrary to the fashion he's come to associate with you.
  • Work on getting into better shape if you feel you could use it. There's no need to aim for perfection, but to starting to feel healthier and more energized will make him notice you.
  • Try a fun new hairstyle and or a different look with you makeup.
  • Focus on your own happiness. This is an extremely attractive quality to men and too often is forgotten about by many women.

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3. Make yourself scarce

If he sees you all the time, how can he know what he's missing? If you want a guy to value you, sometimes you have to take a break from him. With a little distance, there's a chance that he will miss you and realize what you have to offer.

Giving yourself a break also helps reset your relationship and changes the dynamics between you (think ‘old you' vs. ‘new you'). This includes phone calls, texts, and other communication. If he initiates contact, listen in a friendly manner and then exit the conversation politely.

4. Have your own life

It's not enough to give him some space; it's also crucial that you have your own life. You only have one to live, after all, and you shouldn't put it on hold for anyone.

Also, the more you go out there and do the things you love, the more you will feel and look better, and the more attractive you will be. When you remain fixated on a guy, you give off a "needy-girlfriend" vibe, and neediness is anything but sexy.

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5. Get passionate about something

Take up an activity or cause you feel passionate about, or focus on advancing your career. You will be busier, less accessible, and more attractive.

More importantly, having a more exciting life will make you feel more confident and prevent you from making the mistake of building your life around your loneliness. You will no longer look to a guy to fill an emotional void. You may prefer him, but you won't need him.

6. Let him chase you

When the dynamic changes so you're no longer chasing the man, you become much more attractive to him.

As you become less available, he'll start feeling like he could lose you. Do not do much to reassure him at this point. Leave him room to pursue you.

7. Allow him to feel he can "win" you

When you give a guy an opportunity to win you by stepping back and he rises to the challenge by pursuing you, let him know that his no longer taking you for granted is something you notice and appreciate.

8. Get in touch with your femininity

The distinctions between masculine and feminine energy are just as appealing to most hetero men as they are to most hetero women. Use this to your advantage.

Doing things commonly identified as "feminine" like wearing dresses and skirts, flirting with him, and letting him know you want, need and appreciate his help with things will make him feel like a man, which will draw him to you.

And remember: when you're dating and looking for true love, it's essential to keep your options open.

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You may not want to hear this, but he may not be ready for a serious relationship, and he may never be attracted to you in that way.

If you wait and wait for him to see romantic potential between the two of you, you might waste a whole lot of time fixating on a man who will never fill that role in your life, while losing out on time you could have spent with another, even more incredible man who does want and appreciate you.

Tying yourself up with what you see as his potential and closing off your option just isn't wise.

And if you will keep investing emotions and time in a guy who unload his personal issues on you without caring to return the favor, one day, you'll look back with bitterness and regret.

Make a decision to get his attention today, no matter what the outcome could be, and be prepared to accept whatever it is.

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