Why You Shouldn't Pick Up Girls On The Subway

So, today, as I was commuting home after a hard day’s work, I was thinking about the topic that I’d choose to write about for the YourTango article I had planned to write:

My response to the "What’s Your Number" movie I enjoyed seeing last weekend?

The pros and cons behind the idea of women going back to their exes to avoid increasing their “numbers” and potentially decreasing their chances of failed relationships? Perhaps.

My douchebag Ex-Man Boy who will never, ever, ever get to have sex with me again?
Nope. Nope. I shouldn’t go there!

And, then, on cue, as if the Gods of The 6 Train were listening, my content hit me faster than a NY minute!

Suddenly, there was another douchebag who I could write about, and he was making the scene of all scenes by hitting on an attractive, young, woman on this train! 

Without a doubt, guys trying to pick up girls on subway trains are almost always awkward, but this one was PAINFUL to watch! Indeed, it takes a guy with some major cojones to approach a woman—under a time limit--in front of a very unsympathetic audience.

Not only did this dude interrogate the object of his unrequited affection with annoying questions about her job, but he actually had the nerve to ask the name of her employer AND her last name!

Is he serious?

Of course, no woman in her right mind would give out such personal information in front of a car full of eavesdropping strangers!

What was he thinking? That at least he wouldn’t have to put up another “Missed Connections” post on Craigslist?

When the offender existed the train—equip with his victim's fake number—everyone burst out laughing! The gay man next to her said that he was sorry she had to go through the experience, others thanked her for the laugh, and I, true to my form, introduced myself as Ms. Dating/Relationship Coach Extraordinaire.

I told her I was CRINGING, as I endured that conversation and showed her my Blackberry—where I had already started to take notes for this article! “Thanks for the inspiration,” I said after she admitted she made up a fake name and employer.
The good news is I can share this story with well-meaning men who, before reading this article, may have been tempted to make such a fatal mistake.

Guys, listen up, you’d have to be very, very, smooth to get a date or have sex with a girl after approaching her on a subway car. Chances are, it’s just not going to happen, and more than likely you are going to humiliate yourself! Learn from that guy’s mistake. A woman needs time to get to know you before developing interest. She needs more than a few minutes to know that you aren’t creepy, to see that you are truly interested in her, and to bet that you don’t walk through every subway car hitting on every girl until you find one desperate enough to give you her real number!

Trust me; there are some things that just shouldn’t take place on a subway.

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