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About Rachel Reva

I'm a global success coach for women - I specialize in helping women who feel stuck in their career discover their true life purpose and start to live life on their terms. I am passionate about working with women from 25-35 years old who are in a 'career crisis' to help them design and create the life and career of their dreams - who want to up-level in their careers or transition into a new field that is more aligned with their purpose. I also work with women to give them more confidence in the workplace, their relationships and to get real about what they truly desire in life. I'm not into wishful thinking, but inspired action - which is where I believe your life starts to begin. 

Who am I? I'm just a small town girl from Georgia who followed her heart to London and created the life and career she always dreamed of. 

But every story has its beginning.

I grew up in a humble home, with hard working parents, who taught me the value of money and getting an education. When I was 12 years old, our life completely changed when my father died suddenly, leaving us all devastated and my mother a widow with 3 teen daughters to care for. As fate would have it, my mother would eventually meet and marry an Australian man (my now lovely stepdad) and move herself and her three Georgia peach daughters to the land down under. 

Being uprooted from your family home and country was a blessing in disguise. It taught me how to deal with change, the opportunities that come with starting over in life and how to learn and embrace a new culture while staying true to yourself. I went to university, started my corporate career in Sydney and enjoyed the city life while traveling the world every chance I had (including backpacking in Europe for 8 weeks). 

After a few years, I knew it was time for another adventure.  

I moved to London and landed my dream job working for the BBC (when everyone said it would be nearly impossible) and married my wonderful husband (in Fiji of all places!). I thought I would finally be fulfilled: dream job (check!), dream guy (check!).  But,  there was something missing. I had been feeling stuck in a corporate career that was frustrating me at the best of times. I could do it sure, I had the skills and the experience but it took me a few years to realize – I wasn’t called to be in that life anymore.  There was no joy in it. And when I landed what I thought was my dream job, very soon after I had a sense of 'is this it?'.  

It took me a while to figure out that just because you are good at something doesn't mean you are called to do it. 

Oh how I wished I had taken action then and there and signed up to a high level coach. But I didn’t. I thought maybe another job and promotion would make me happier. I got my first management job – which I really thought I wanted (after all it's the next step up the ladder right?) - and I hated it even more. I was exhausted, burnt out, stressed out and totally over it. And I was only 30 years old.

Something had to change.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. I was so ready. I just didn’t know for what. A few months later, I discovered coaching. It was exactly what I felt called to do:

  • I had always wanted to serve women
  • I was sick and tired of office politics
  • If I had to go to another work Christmas party I thought I would go postal
  • The best part of my job had always been mentoring women in achieving their goals

My life is now exactly what I want it to be. I am living life on my terms - which means I am in control and living out my purpose every day. I serve extraordinary women. I live in London, write for the Huffington Post and get to travel the world with my husband. 

But this life did not come wrapped in a gift box. Today's dream started with one decision 12 months ago for me to take action. To stop wondering and start doing. To start playing the game and stop sitting on the side lines. To quit hoping and start creating. To move from fear to freedom.

I am living proof that your life is a direct reflection of your thoughts, goals and actions. And it is possible to change all of that.  Today, I am living my dream life: which is to help incredible women create the life of their dreams.

You can find out more about my services and how to work with me here. 

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