How To Find The Silver Lining — Even In Crisis — By Celebrating Positive Moments In Life

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How To Find The Silver Lining — Even In Crisis — By Celebrating Positive Moments In Life

In times of a crisis, stress and anxiety can mess with our mental health. But we can find the silver lining if we learn how to have a positive mindset and welcome positive thinking in our lives.

What a gift we have, when we recognize the connections!

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Several years ago, I met an elderly woman, who I will always remember. Her name is Elli. She was strongly connected to the other side, but not yet ready to go.

She shared how she has always experienced angels in her life and also how much she loved her family. Physically, she was petite and frail with a tiny patch of purple in her hair.

All through her life, brilliant showers of light would show up, reaffirming her awareness of God and her connection with the angels.

Elli’s daughter is a friend of mine. She was concerned about her mother’s health, pain, and fatigue.

Elli was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. This sweet little lady who sees angels, traveled from the East Coast to Anchorage twice while I knew her.

We eventually set up a regular call on Friday mornings for her to receive some healing energy and guided meditation.

At some point, the stage-four cancer was completely gone. Yet, Elli remained very frail, hungry, and exhausted.

Through it all, she was riding the wave of awareness that includes love most don’t understand. Her body was tired and shutting down, but she still enjoyed the sweetness in life.

Her daughter was worried about her mom, in part because they lived with many states between them. It was clear to me that her mother would go when she was ready.

Elli was in control of her death.

As she became weaker, I wanted to record a meditation that Elli could listen to whenever she wanted. I promised this to her two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, I knew it was the day and time to record her meditation. I went outside so the birds and chimes would be in the background. I made the recording, imagining Elli near me.

I immediately sent it to her daughter — I didn’t title it or even listen to it. If it was good enough, her daughter would figure out how to make it accessible to Elli.

I also sent it to two or three other people that I thought might like it. It felt complete.

Then, my dog Supreme and I headed for the trail. At some point during my hike, my friend texted me to say her mother had just passed.

There is a place on the trail that I love. Supreme and I rested there while I thought about what had just unfolded.

Elli came through showing me her joy and how she could move freely. She wasn’t even touching the ground. There were flowers everywhere.

She also showed me a fragile teacup. She showed me the teacup breaking — and it no longer mattered. In the next few days, she came through, showing me that she could experience being loud and strong and dancing in ways she could not before!

Elli was strong and beautiful and able to take deep breaths. She was reaching out and sharing her joy with me and I was able to share this with her daughter.

I like to think that Elli could hear the original meditation and possibly it helped her release her body and let go of the pain.

Maybe everyone that heard the meditation helped her connect with her angels and let go of this life.

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I know she felt her family’s love and so much more when she crossed over.

This story is so valuable in our current time of re-structure that looks like death and rebirth. We are experiencing the painful separation from a broken system.

Many in our world have been hungry, tired, and in pain for years.

The current pandemic is bringing to surface what some people had been avoiding — grief, fear, disappointment, and pain. It is time for a new awareness.

We can ignite life force into a new collective thought pattern that allows freedom, personal strength and the ability to breathe deeply.

Here are some things to remember when you're trying to find ease in the shift:

  • Recognize our connection to everything runs deep; we only have to pause.
  • Our thoughts connect us to our loved ones... and everything.
  • We don’t need to fear there will not be enough; the shelves are being restocked.
  • It is possible to move through the grief and pain and experience life with new opportunities.
  • We need to celebrate our good health, vibrancy, and the connections we make along the way.
  • We are always blessed with amazing new opportunities.

I am hopeful that our world will begin to heal and connect in ways that support the growth of peace and love.

One thing I know for sure is this: We are guided — from within and the other side, always.

Here’s to everyone that has done their part in shining light and awareness and holding hands in the darkness.

We are together.

New opportunities arise when we close our eyes and allow the heart to fill will the sweetness of surrendering to God.

We are being asked to surrender just enough to replenish our mind and body with the strength and wisdom of our soul. We are being asked to surrender just enough to fully experience why we are here.

It is time to trust in the higher power that connects us all — we each hold a piece of the awareness that allows the beautiful music of love, light, and all that is.

This music is being played for all that listen.

There is a light so bright and strong within you.

Let it explode into every part of your life.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive life coach and writer. For more information, visit her website.

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