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Author, Business Coach, Career Counselor, Divorce Recovery Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Neurolanguage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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From fabulous 40 on, every decade is like an extreme sport we get one shot at. So let's have some fun, do it our way, and give younger women someone they can't wait to be like at 70!

About Petalyn Albert

Petalyn Swart Albert guides men and women through life's biggest upheavals and planned transitions. She has 17 professional certifications in her tools kit, including Certified NLP practitioner, certified Executive Coach, certified divorce coach, and certified organization and relationship systems coach.  She is the coauthor of the #1 International bestseller "100 VOICES OF INSPIRATION, AWAKENING & EMPOWERMENT".

Petalyn was born in Weston Vermont, but it was her mother's second marriage to an oil man that began Petalyn's international lifestyle; living in eight different countries before her 19th birthday. 

For over 20 years Petalyn has specialized in working with highly driven business owners and successful entrepreneurs. Many seek her out during and after their divorce because they prefer a preemptive approach to maintaining integrity throughout their process, restoring healthy focus, building emotional strength despite the difficulties, and renewing their future vision and joy, without getting or staying stuck.

Ms. Albert received her Doctor of Divinity in 1994, became a certified life coach through The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael California, and is a certified NLP practitioner. She is one of Northern California’s leading certified divorce coaches CDC®.

Petalyn Albert Success Stories

Attorney Regains Her Confidence

'Natalie', is a gentle soul. Her passion is animal rights. She is an attorney turned full-time mom and came to me with some serious issues around not wanting to wake up in the mornings.  "I don't feel like I have anything to live for." she said in a slow and faint voice. Her marriage is stable and she has 2 young kids. But her self-esteem was clearly at an all time low, and though she has a slight figure, her personal habits involved heavy smoking, lots of junk food, chocolate, and zero exercise.
I know what you're thinking and ...well, she knew it too. She wasn't suicidal but her will, and capacity to feel motivated was severely depleted. Natalie was battling in-laws who constant berated her for being a stay at home mom. The fact that she had always taken a great deal of pride in her former career in law didn't help her feel honest about standing her ground with them. She felt guilty, ashamed, and belief in herself had plummeted. more

This was a woman who had accomplished great things in her life and had overcome incredible odds growing up in the Middle East.

I decided to take her on as a client so that she had a hand to hold onto in the meantime. Still, I was concerned about her state of mind and had my therapist colleague on speed-dial. But Natalie was clear that she did not want to go the therapy route - she didn't believe it would be helpful. 

Today, just three months later she's ready to hire an assistant to help her edit and publish the book she wrote three years ago. She's taken up yoga, and she wakes up with energy and a desire to start the day. Natalie has also been actively interviewing with the top legal firms in her town. Now when we speak her voice sparkles and she is on her way to creating a life that feeds her spirit and reclaim her substantial natural dignity.

50 Year Old Goes From 30K to 150K in 90 Days

'Lisa', now in her late 50's, came to me struggling as a sales rep for an Internet marketing company, making less than 30k. She didn't know if she wanted back into corporate or not, or even if it would be possible to return after 5 years away, at a salary she could stand. Lisa is happily married, no kids, but she came to the conclusion that she needed to make her own money again. As independent a spirit as she is, having to ask her spouse for money to do extra things was causing her deep stress and discomfort. more

So together we rolled up our sleeves and took that bull by the horns. We looked at her natural strengths of character and excavated her core values, and designed a vision for how she wanted to experience work again. We included all the nonnegotiables that would make the return to a full-time position worth her while, be fulfilling, and provide her with a great sense of pride and opportunity for not just professional growth, but personal growth as well for the next 5-8 years. Then we planned a killer strategy.

Long story short, 60 days later she's not only back in corporate in a position she enjoys, but she's making 6 figures! Through our work together Lisa has strengthened her ability to create exactly what she wants so much that she is already planning her next move...for more money. And she'll do it too!! 

Happy dances all round!

39 Year Old Mom Too Scared to Face Divorce

Julie is tall, gorgeous, athletic, and smart!
You'd never imagine she'd suffer from self-doubt or inner-voices that nag her and put her down. Her marriage was over. She and her spouse were living in separate parts of the house and all that was left to do was  ay the words, and decide who would file. But she couldn't bring herself to go there. She was too petrified of the struggle she and her 8 year old daughter would face on their own.more

Within just 4 months she has stepped into her inner-warrior Queen. Her transformation is astounding. She still has moments when she wonders "what the heck did I do?" but she now handles them without going into the fetal position. Julie is now uses tools that help her address her stress and anxiety on the spot. She is able to negotiate with strength and make choices that are healthy for her future. She has become the Amazon on the inside that matches her outside.

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