Does Iggy Azalea Really Have The Body That All Men Love?

Photo: A.PAES, Debby Wong / Shutterstock
iggy azalea

My cousin is pretty enough to become a model. In fact, a producer from America's Next Top Model actually handed her a business card, but she didn't follow through on the opportunity because she had a vacation to Las Vegas planned. Nevertheless, that didn't stop men from admiring her tall and lean form, frequently on display in tight attire during her job as a hostess and waitress.

"Your body is amazing," one guy told her. "That'll fade," I honestly advised her as an older woman whose compliments received changed from "You could be a model" in my 20s to "You could've been a model" by the time I turned 35.

Part of me hoped she would've became a major model via that popular United States reality TV show, or used UK Models to branch out overseas. You never know what prosperous path that journey could lead a person on. Just look at how Tyra Banks transformed from a popular model to a talk show host and television/film producer. Even this UK-based model named Katie made more than $100,000 via Fiverr.

But back to the body types that men may prefer.....

Thinking about how much attention my family member gained from the guys who'd enter her restaurant made me focus on what they found attractive about her body. She regaled me with stories about how the men would start out acting like gentlemen, but after the liquor flowed and they began openly flirting with her in front of their own girlfriends, jealousy and anger arose.

For one thing, she's pretty tall and quite lean, with very long legs and a high rear end. Her mom used to sing a little ditty that rhymed her name along with a "big fanny" phrase, but her bottom isn't nearly as wide as some famous ladies you see in the media these days.

"Your waist-to-hip ratio is amazing," one radio guy recently told Iggy Azalea, leaving me to research the popular rapper's height and weight. According to various Google results, Iggy is my height — around five feet, ten inches — and while I've hovered around 160 pounds lately, Iggy is approximately 132 pounds, so says the Internet "scuttlebutt," pun intended.

Such wonderings about hip-to-waist ratio even had me performing more in-depth research. I learned, without even realizing it, males tend to prefer a woman whose waist size is about 70 percent of her hip size. That means a 28-inch waist supposedly looks nice and boss with 40-inch hips.

This is because males have a primordial sense that they want to choose a woman who would have no problem birthing their children. A waist that's 70 percent the size of a woman's hips must spell the perfect "child-birthing hips," according to science. I blame these scientific findings for the surge in women buying waist trainers and corsets to trim their middles — a phenomenon we can see being chronicled via Instagram photos all the time.

But in the end, we all know each of us has our own predilections for the body types we prefer — be it a tall person, a short frame, pretty eyes or a great set of pecs. Instead of focusing on too much internal beauty, the best body part of all we should concern ourselves with each other's hearts.