Abandonment, Adoption, Anxiety Issues, Body Image, Cancer, Career, Chronic Pain/Disability or Illness, Codependency, Control Issues, Depression, Divorce Rehabilitation, Eating & Food Issues, Empowering Women, Forgiveness, Happiness, Health/Wellness, Phobias/OCD, Post Traumatic Stress / Trauma, Self-Esteem, Sleep Disorders, Spiritual, Wellness, Worry



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Confidence Coach, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Paula Dieck

Hi, I’m Paula Dieck and I am a personal development coach.  My passion is helping others realize how truly amazing they are and then move forward in creating and living a fulfilling life from a place of inner peace and happiness. 

As a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, PSYCH-K facilitator, trainer of Infinite Possibilities and Reiki Master / Teacher, I have many resources and techniques to use in customizing programs for each client.  I help my clients identify limiting thought patterns and beliefs which no longer serve them, release traumas from the past and implement empowering thoughts/beliefs to foster powerful and lasting change on an innate subconscious level.

Sessions focus on self-esteem, self-love, prosperity, health/body, personal power, pain management, releasing phobias and unhealthy habits and dealing with trauma, with a goal of uncovering needs safely and confidently as you create your change!

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