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About Patty Blue Hayes

I'm a Life Coach helping women move on from the emotional pain of coping with a divorce or break up. On of the main practices I help my clients with is learning ultimate self care. I was a married woman who believed in forever and happily ever after. I made the mistake of allowing my whole identity to be as his wife. My beliefs and lack of autonomy significantly intensified the crippling pain when the marriage ended abruptly. I felt so broken.

If you feel like you're ready to move forward but seem to be stuck in the past, I can help you take those steps toward your bright future.

Imagine feeling supported, acknowledged and encouraged​ as you let go of the past and venture into your new life. The idea of starting over can be quite scary, but also liberating at the same time. With my guidance and an action plan, it can take away the feelings of being overwhelmed and doubtful. You may even feel curious and have positive expectations about your new life.

I knew I wanted to get through my divorce and emerge a balanced, whole and happy woman; I just had no idea how to do that.

It was during my self discovery journey that I learned the skills and tools that I put into practice in my own life and now use them to help others.

Today, as a certified trainer of the "Infinite Possibilities" program and a trained Life Coach, I draw from my personal experience and my training to help others.

You're not alone. Let my compassionate guidance help you find the peace and happiness that's waiting for you.

I invite you to reach out if you have a question and I can help you feel better - that would give me great pleasure. You can reach me by email at hello@pattybluehayes.com

If you're still in the pain of heartbreak, you might find comfort in my healing book, My Heart Is Broken. Now What? 12 Practices to Heal the Emotional Pain of being Abandoned by the One You Love available on Amazon Kindle.


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