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My passion is helping transform families so parents and children can experience extraordinary love, support and happiness that lasts a lifetime.

About Toni Schutta

Hi! I’m Toni Schutta, and I’ve been helping parents and families for 18 years as a Parent Coach and Licensed Psychologist. My mission is to help you find solutions that work to everyday challenges that you’re facing so your family can be happier. 

I can help you gain 90% compliance from your child the first time you tell them to do something, reduce back talk to zero, reduce yelling to once a week or less, create a positive discipline plan that works, get your kids to bed on time and complete homework and chores without a lot of hassle! 

These are challenges that many parents face on a daily basis and through my parenting group programs and one-on-one private parent coaching I can help you achieve goals like these so your family can be happier and you can actually have fun with your kids rather than arguing with them or nagging.

One of the ways that I can help you is by offering free resources such as my Quick Start Report, “3 Essential Strategies to Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time,” that’s available here:  http://www.getparentinghelpnow.com . 

I also provide parents with the opportunity for a complimentary “Happier Family for You Planning Session” so I can learn more about the challenges that you’re facing and help you develop a next-step action plan to create a happier family. You can apply here if you’d like: http://www.getparentinghelpnow.com/PlanningSession.htm

I love my job as a Parent Coach because every day I get to help families like yours become happier.  I’m honored to work with parents who love their kids deeply and are super-committed to being good parents but they’re stuck, they’re struggling to find solutions on their own and they’re unhappy.  I get a rush of adrenaline when I talk with them because I know I have strategies that can help them through this tough time and within weeks they’ll be feeling relief.  By 6-8 weeks, their family life will have improved tenfold because their kids are listening, they feel closer, and they’re on the same page with their spouse.  They can relax and have more fun together as a family.

I love working with educated, motivated parents who want to make positive changes…

As a parent coach for the last 8 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of highly motivated parents who work hard to make positive changes so they don’t have to yell, they’re closer to their kids (and to their spouse) and they handle challenging behaviors with confidence because they have a positive parenting plan to follow.

In the beginning I can hear their pain. Nothing is more important to them than their kids but they’re not happy. They want to be great parents because no job is more important to them but that success and happiness is eluding them because they just can’t see the blind spots and can’t move through it. They don’t need therapy. They just want a parenting expert to help them learn strategies that work so they aren’t blindly trying (and failing) to have a happy family. It’s wonderful to know that I have tools that can help them move through this pain to greater happiness.

Not only have I helped thousands of parents over the years get the results they crave but I know the strategies work because I, too, use the same strategies on a daily basis with our two daughters. I’ve “been there and done that,” too!

The parenting programs that I offer have been featured in Parents, Woman’s World, First for Women, MN Parent and on network newscasts. The Star Tribune called me the “Cyber-Nanny” because I help parents across the country solve their biggest parenting challenges by telephone.

It feels great when my coaching clients meet their goals

I feel so great when my coaching clients meet their goals.  Sometimes we cry happy tears and sometimes we pretend that we’re toasting champagne glasses to celebrate their accomplishments. Every day I know that I’m contributing to the world and to individual families because now parents can relax and enjoy the people they treasure the most… their kids and their spouse. It’s powerful stuff and I’m always honored when parents share their journey with me and we’re able to celebrate their success!

In addition, I’m a sought-after speaker with 20 topics that I present at corporations such as General Mills, Medtronic and 3M, as well as schools, religious and professional organizations. I would be happy to explore being a keynote speaker for your organization. A list of the topics I address can be found here: http://www.familiesfirstcoaching.com/Pages/Speakerpage.html

I also had the privilege of hosting “Real Parents. Real Solutions” a parenting talk show on www.voiceamerica.com, the world’s largest internet radio station. I’ve kept copies of my interviews with other top-notch parenting experts here for your listening pleasure: http://www.getparentinghelpnow.com/VoiceAmerica.html

I should also mention that I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  I worked as a childrens’ and family therapist with the toughest of the tough families for 10 years before shifting my focus to parent coaching in 2004. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours gathering parenting resources that work with families so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting! I’ve already done that for you. The programs that I provide give you practical solutions that work that you can use immediately with your kids.

I’m also the President of Families First Coaching, an organization devoted to providing you with practical information, easy-to-use tools and helpful resources that will empower you and strengthen your family. And I’m the founder of www.getparentinghelpnow.com

I’m the co-author of Parenting by Strengths: A Parent’s Guide for Challenging Situations. And an upcoming book tentatively titled 28 of America’s Top Experts Give You Their Best Parenting Advice will be published in 2013.

I hope that you’ll join my parenting community so together, we can transform families so kids and parents can experience extraordinary love, happiness and encouragement that will last a lifetime.

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