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About Pamela D. Wilson

I am a caregiving expert, advocate and speaker. I support family caregivers and professional caregivers to reduce stress and learn practical tips and tools to manage care situations. I am the author of The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life's Unexpected Changes. Through my brand, The Caring Generation, and my website caregivers are able to access educational information in the form of webinars, articles, videos, and podcasts. Working in the caregiving industry for twenty years, I've helped thousands of caregivers and care recipients manage unexpected situations, survive family conflict, manage guilt and frustration about being a caregiver, set boundaries with loved ones, and advocate with the healthcare and caregiving industries on behalf of themselves and loved ones.   

Pamela D. Wilson Success Stories

Life Saver

I had the good fortune to hire Pamela Wilson. My sister, Karen, had suffered complications from brain surgery and was in five different nursing home facilities. Karen lived in Denver, Colorado and I lived in New York City. I highly recommend Pamela. She was very supportive of me during an extremely stressful time.  She was a lifesaver! E.B.

Pamela is a Valuable Resource

I wanted to share my positive experience with Pamela Wilson. I met Pamela when she was a guest speaker at an event about six months ago. I felt that my wife was approaching the need for additional care due to her balance problems and cognitive issues related to her diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Pamela displayed a genuine interest in our situation and shared the pros and cons of various options. She also helped me to cope with the emotions that come from making this type of decision. Throughout the process, Pamela was supportive, compassionate, and informative. With her extensive subject matter expertise and library of helpful articles and audios, I feel that she an be a valuable resource to caregivers and patients. B. C.

A Tenacious Advocate

I am writing a testimonial for Pamela D. Wilson. I was recently introduced to Pamela when she made a professional referral. This client is one of the most complex individuals I have met in my forty-seven years of professional experience. Aspects of the client’s life have resulted in a challenging and difficult personality. From my first encounter with Pamela, she displayed extreme compassion and patience including responding appropriately to verbally abrasive statements made by the client. I was amazed by her composure and empathy. Pamela, over the course of our dialogues about this client was also clinically astute about how this individual came to have a difficult and challenging personality including shutting down physically and emotionally. Most therapists would not have been able to understand the complexity of what multiple forms of trauma can do to an individual. Pamela’s understanding is amazing in this regard. On top of this, Pamela has a tenacious sense of responsibility in fighting for the best interest of her clients.  If I would ever require this type of care or assistance, I could only dream of having an individual like Pamela D. Wilson in my corner. B.G.

The Caregiving Trap

Pamela's book is a must read not only for any health professional interacting with the elderly or disabled individuals, but also for any adult who could possibly find themselves in a caregiving situation or the recipient of caregiving now or in the future. Pamela's personal and professional experience, along with extensive research, offers a compassionate, perceptive and detailed resource. Familiar scenarios, probing questions, and realistic options are presented all with the end goal of better quality of life for both the recipient of care and the caregiver. L.W.

The Most Helpful Information I Received from Any Source

I just want to say that your book the Caregiver Trap was the most helpful information that I received from any source. Being an only child with one parent in a nursing home and the other in assisted living has been a real challenge. And believe it or not my dad who at 90 may just be experiencing dementia is more difficult to deal with than my mom with full blown dementia possibly Alzheimer's, because he is so angry, mean,uncooperative, and negative. He just sucks the life out of me (what little I have after all this). And their dysfunctional marriage problems have caused so much grief in their latter years of life. I was able to escape the harsh affects of their relationship for so many years of living in another state and not having to deal with the craziness 24/7, but then 12 years ago I had to move them to where I was living and then we progressed to having caregivers help in the home and then had to move them to facilities. It has been a long 12 years dealing with the emotional stress from this. I have gotten some counseling but even my minister sometimes just shakes his head and hugs me. Dealing with two at the same time with all the relationship problems etc. is beyond what most counselors have seen in their counseling experience. My salvation is my faith, my daughter, and my precious husband or I would be in a mental institution. But again your book was so helpful when nothing else was giving me any of the info I needed. Thank you so much! Donna McDaniel 

The Real Deal

No one is more experienced or knowledgable in helping people care for their elders than Pamela Wilson.  Pamela is an educator and a professional caregiver.  She knows what works and her advice is more than theory, it has been tested in practical application. John Horan

The Overwhelming Caregiving Process and The Caregiving Trap

Pamela Wilson has provided us with an information-rich, enormously detailed and practical, very deeply personal, and even fearless exploration and understanding of the all-too-often simply overwhelming care-giving process. It will be a book -- like her practice phone number - that I keep within close reach in my own office, and imagine sharing with patients and their families for years to come. 
Jay Schneiders, PhD, ABPP Clinical Neuropsychologist & Health Psychologist 

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