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TROUBLED BY LIFE'S PUZZLES?  WE'LL FIND THE SOLUTIONS TOGETHER.  Our team of psychologists will help you create practical realistic steps to put the pieces together.  Orenstein Solutons is a group psychology practice offering creative solutions to life's puzzles by instilling hope, momentum, and new skills to meet the needs of the whole family.

We utilize a solution-focused process that works for you.  Our therapists will help you create a solution-focused mindset to help you get unstuck, turn your focus forward, and guide you towards creative, practical solutions.  

We don't think there's value in over-analyzing or complicating issues.  Modern life is complicated enough already!  We believe simple solutions can be the best because they're often the most practical and sustainable.  

We'll listen to you and help you identify your unique needs.  Then we'll show you a process for organizing your thoughts, managing your emotions, and creating steps towards fulfilling your goals.  

About Susan Orenstein

Welcome to my webpage. I offer counseling services and workshops to help individuals improve their mood, reduce stress, and enhance their relationships. In 2005, I founded Orenstein Solutions, P.A., a group practice of psychologists, providing psychological services to the entire family. I currently serve as the director of this group, with offices in Cary and Chapel Hill, N.C. 

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