The (False) Myth About Women And One-Night Stands

Women can enjoy one-night stands, too!


Many people believe that women need to feel emotionally connected in order to really enjoy sex. Many people also believe that women sometimes create that emotional bond before it's actually there. If you believe this, you probably think that one-night stands only end up making a woman feel bad when the guy never calls her again. If that's the case, then why do women have one-night stands at all? Are they all victims of some smooth player's charm?


Don't flatter yourself, players. Women choose to have one-night stands. Sex is fun. Although having sex with someone you are connected to does not compare to a one-night stand, one-night stands can still be fun for both women and men. In fact, sex with a stranger (that you may never see again) can be freeing in a way. You don't have to worry about them talking to you about their friends, about what you were like, or being a little freaky. You won't have to see them the next day (hopefully), or maybe ever, so who cares? Anything goes.

Although one-night stands are relatively common, women that choose to have one are easily labeled as sluts, both by other women and the guys that benefit from the decision to sleep with them. It's easy to say that women who have one-night stands only do so because they have no self-esteem. This is simply not true.


While that may be the case for some women, there are also plenty of women who are strong, sexy, confident, and want to hook up with that hot guy at the bar. Women can be in charge of their own sexuality. Women are allowed to hook up without "giving anything up" or compromising themselves. So yes, women can (and do) enjoy one-night stands from time to time. Women who take ownership of their sexual choices and don't take themselves too seriously tend to enjoy them.