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6-10 years


New York NY 10001 - United States



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Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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I believe that the feeling of unconditional love is the sensation we feel when we are tuned in to our power; and with practice you can develop the skill to conjure up your power on demand and aim it at anything and everything you wish to change in your life, just like a superhero’s superpower!

About Odille Rault

Did you know you have a Superpower? Just like a superhero! When you are tuned in to your power, the sensation you feel is what we call unconditional love. The feeling of unconditional love is the feeling of your power. With practice you can develop the skill to use your power just like a superhero uses a superpower, and aim it at people, situations, worries, issues, and even inanimate objects. I have created very simple exercises and techniques that help people to tune in to their power using the feeling of unconditional love; and then to develop the skill to conjure it up on demand, in the middle of any situation, and aim it at anything that they don’t want in their lives. Aiming the energy of unconditional love at what you don’t want in your life is like shining a torch into darkness. It transforms the darkness into light. With these exercises the process becomes physiological rather than mental or emotional – which means you don’t have to be feeling good in order to use your power, in fact you can use it right in the middle of feeling angry, frustrated, hurt or any other emotion.

Darkness cannot survive in light, but a light can shine in the dark. Unconditional love is your torch.

Odille Rault Success Stories

"My General Feeling of Wellness Everyday is Such an Amazing Thing


"Just to let you know that with your help my life has improved immensely over the last few months. I have attracted all sorts of positives to my life such as more money, new friends and much more. Most of all I just want to thank you for all your help.more

I was in a really bad place when I found you but my general feeling of wellness everyday is such an amazing thing."

Name withheld – UK

"A New Perspective On Life"


"Working with Odille was great! She taught me an unconditional love process which worked like magic! I was nervous when I first started but she explained everything clearly and took it step by step. She was very positive and always added encouragement to everything. I was also able to ask any questions without any hesitation and everything was explained perfectly. Whenever I needed help I was able to contact her and even got specific steps to follow when I was stuck. After working with her my entire life changed, everything turned around and life started to work in my favor. Miracles started to happen in my life that I never thought would. I began to have a new perspective on life. The experience I had was truly amazing and life changing."more

- Jessica, Canada

"The Exercises Were Amazing"


"I am so grateful to you for the amazing support you’ve shown me and the way you explain things so clearly. The exercises you gave me to do were amazing and really helped. Noone else seems to understand. Everyone else was telling me to forget it. Without your guidence I would have given up but instead I’m happier than I have ever been before. thank you."more

- Sally C. UK

"I Surprised Myself!"


"I just want to say that in your first e-mail you said to me you thought I was going to surprise myself and although it hasn’t been that long since then, I really have so far! I have decided on a completely different career path which is so exciting that I can’t wait to get up in the morning and some of the strain in my relationship has lifted for both of us as I felt confident and strong enough to make that really necessary talk which I was afraid to before. So thank you for all of that! "more

- Name Withheld, UK

Teenager Uses Unconditional Love to Combat Bullying

Women seeking spiritual guidance

Jessica, a teenager living in Canada wrote to me to ask if the power of unconditional love could work for her situation. She was being bullied at school and was very unhappy. We wrote back and forth a few times and I gave her specific exercises and techniques which she dilligently put into practice; and here is the wonderful, inspiring reply I received from her four months later.more

I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for teaching me unconditional love!!! My life changed like crazy iv used unconditional love on so many experiences and it worked 100%, it took a bit time at first but then i got it and it worked, i changed the way everyone at school treats me(like everyone) and i got really succesful at everything im in every school activity the teachers love me the students love me my parantes love me im getting straight A’s and best of all im not being bullied i changed everyone that didnt like me before its like im in another world and i love it!

Jessica has continued to make incredible changes to her life using the power of unconditional love, including physical changes to her health and eyesight.

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