10 Signs Your Man Is A Keeper (And Maybe Even 'The One')

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10 Signs Your Man is a Keeper

When it comes to analyzing male behavior, we’re experts on the signals that clearly point toward Mr. Wrong, having sorted through thousands of dating horror stories.

But on the other side of every relationship warning sign is its opposite: an indicator that a man is keeper material.

How to know if he is the one relies on these top 10 qualities. They show that your guy really is the right one for you:

1. He’s willing to put you first.

When a man is truly committed to you and your relationship is heading for the long-term, he will make you an integral part of his daily life, as well as a top priority. A keeper will continually affirm that he loves you and is devoted to your relationship, both verbally and through his actions.

2. He’s there for you in a crisis.

A keeper will be by your side when the going gets tough. By showing he supports you in a time of real need, his actions assure you he’ll be there to hold your hand during the birth of your child, the deaths of your parents and any other high-stress or grief-ridden situations that you’re sure to face.

3. He appreciates your quirks.

A good man will fall in love with you because he cherishes your gifts and is willing to overlook your flaws. But a keeper will even find your quirkier qualities — religious reading of your and his horoscopes or habit of eating peanut butter straight from the jar with the spoon — not just tolerable but endearing.

4. He shows you how much he cares.

The most important element of any relationship is how the man you’re choosing to spend your time with treats you.

We’re not necessarily talking about bestowing upon you bouquets of red roses (though that’s always nice) but by showing you he cares about your well-being too — things like checking your tires because he thinks they look a little low or sending you an e-mail to wish you luck on your presentation at work.

5. He’s kind.

Since we were kids, we’ve been told that actions speak louder than words. This is never truer than in how your man conducts himself toward you and others. A keeper is an all-around nice person. He’s respectful to his parents (and yours), polite to waiters and waitresses, and gentle toward animals.

And he acts kindly even when he thinks no one else is looking — a true sign of good character.

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6. He’s consistent.

Along the same lines as the previous sign, a keeper is reliable — a man who you can truly depend on.

While all people change throughout the courses of our lives, a man you’d want to have around for the long-term isn’t wishy-washy. His word should be stronger than oak, as the phrase goes, and his loving conduct toward you should be just as steady.

7. He wants to build a life with you.

When one person in a relationship wants to get married and the other doesn’t, you have a fundamental difference on your hands that needs to be addressed. A keeper, therefore, shares similar life goals as you do and he’ll readily work with you to make sure his plans and your plans for the future can mesh.

8. He can handle your emotions.

We think it’s safe to say that women have a track record of expressing our feelings more than our male counterparts. And said men need to know how to deal with our doing so in order to be considered our long-term partners.

A keeper will never attack you for being overly emotional by accusing you of being "just like your mother" or, our personal favorite, calling you "crazy."

9. He fights fair.

How a man handles conflict shows as much about his character as how he acts during the good times. A keeper will express his feelings, ask for what he wants, and can receive constructive criticism — without screaming, whining or pouting. He will also be capable of listening to what’s on your mind without interjecting to correct or blame you.

10. He’s a grown-up.

On the road from child to adult, some guys stall out three-quarters of the way, never becoming self-sufficient. An immature man who refuses to adjust to the norms and values of society doesn’t see youth as a stage but rather a refuge from responsibility.

A keeper, on the other hand, is not just competent but confident in successfully managing his own life.

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