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About Natalie Maximets

Therapy motto: Step by step, you can reach the peak of your happiness.

As a life transformation coach with expertise in clinical and existential psychology, I firmly believe that building a new life from scratch is like climbing a mountain – one challenging step after another. 

I help people recover from the trauma caused by toxic interactions, the loss of a significant other, abusive relationships, and divorce. Healing from trauma is a difficult journey, but the rewards at the end of the climb are well worth it. Of course, the first steps are always hard. However, the person in the mirror can send these fears away once they regain control over their life. And I truly believe in this person, which is YOU, no matter what happens.

Although fundamental life challenges are tough, the power of your choices reframes the personal narrative. I do not provide my clients with direct advice. However, I always keep the room in my heart and the right questions in my mind to help them activate their own Inner Healer potential. 

During the sessions, we focus on the client’s daily choices to implement their deep, essential values and meanings into their lifestyle and gradually make it vibrant. So my therapy motto is “Small choices create a great fate.”  

It is rewarding for me to see my clients turn the pain of inevitable transformation into fuel for their happiness. Indeed, you can become the hero of your story, turning any hurdles into amazing trophies to create an authentic life you genuinely love. 

If you find it challenging to fully accept and integrate difficult experiences, I offer you my professional guidance to help you pave the way for your best self.


About Natalie:

  • Natalie has a Master’s Degree in English and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. 

  • She graduated from Transformation Academy, Florida, in 2020 (CBT, REBT, Life Transformation, Mindfulness Meditation, Life Story, Purpose Quest).

  • Existential Therapy, Psychotherapy & Counseling Certificate

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy for Self-Help Certificate

  • Transactional Analysis: Psychotherapy & Counselling Certificate

  • Natalie organizes regular river cleanups on kayaks to help strengthen family bonds (Adventure Therapy)


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